Incan Goddess Slots

Incan-Goddess-slotIncan Goddess relies on an Incan inspired theme, as the title suggests, and it was created by the guys from RTG. The stone walls of the Incan temples take the biggest part of the screen, with the reels occupying the middle area. The beautiful Incan woman that the slot calls a goddess can be found on the reels as one of the major symbols, but she’s definitely not the only one with a connection to this great extinct civilization.

You will notice a total of 20 bet lines on the game’s 5 reels, plus features that give the player a chance of getting more payouts in the long run (wilds), prizes that don’t require symbols to be on the same line (scatters), free spins and multipliers. The game will reward its players with up to $50,000 (10,000 coins), or with a random jackpot which you will notice displayed at the top of the reels.

Features of Incan Goddess

The beautiful brunette woman that is considered a Goddess in this game will be used both as the one that gives away the big prize and as a wild symbol. The role of a wild symbol is to act as a substitute for other symbols, when it happens to be in a position where another symbol would be needed to form a combination. The wild is not capable of substituting for scatters, but other than that it can help you form any other combination.

The Incan Temple, presumably the place where this Goddess is adored, will take the role of the other feature, the scatter. As you will notice yourself, whenever you get minimum two scatter symbols on the reels you receive a cash prize. Two to five scattered Temple symbols will offer between 2x and 100x the value of the wager for that spin.


Free Games Feature

While you get a cash prize with a minimum of two scatter symbols, the free games feature requires for at least three to be present. If that happens, you gain access to the free spins, with 12 rounds that you play through while enjoying a 2x multiplier for all prizes. Even better, if a wild Goddess is part of a winning combo, the multiplier goes to 4x during the free spins. You can also retrigger this feature, if once again you get 3+ scatter symbols.

Double or Something Feature

RTG takes one of the more useless features of slot machines, which typically tries to get the casino more money, and it transforms it here into something that has only advantages for the player. Whenever you have a combination with five identical symbols on a payline, you get access to a feature called Double or Something.

In this feature, you choose either Black or Red, and you get to see if you guessed correctly. If you did, you double the money offered by that combo. If you didn’t, you win the original amount (in every other game, not guessing correctly would have left you without the prize). This feature even works for the cash prize offered by the five scatter symbols and for the top jackpot combo.

Betting options and jackpots

Incan Goddess offers a total of 20 bet lines and it allows for a single coin to be used on each one. You can reduce the wager value if necessary, either by changing the coin denomination (range between $0.01 and $5), or by reducing the number of coins used/lines activated. At its highest value, the wager will allow you to invest $100 per spin.

Normally, the game will give out prizes of 5,000 coins through the top jackpot. Thanks to the Double or Something feature, that prize can get to 10,000 coins ($50,000). The Random Jackpot is another good prize available here, but it will be smaller than the one from the game.

Design and symbols

The Incan theme is clear and it is easy to make the connection with the temple and the culture of this South American civilization. The surrounding images don’t reveal that much, as the stone could be from any temple, but the symbols on the reels clear everything up for you. It’s a good look for this slot and you shouldn’t have a problem enjoying it.

Symbols: Incan Goddess (wild, 5,000x), Temple (scatter, 100x the wager), Jewelry (2,500x), Ceramic Vessel (1,000x), Colored Necklace (500x), Lama (500x), Ace (300x), King (300x), Queen (250x), Jack (250x), Ten (250x), Nine (250x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re not a fan of ancient civilization slots, you might be inclined to pass this one over. It’s not a bad game though, and you will find that it even has something extra to offer, the feature called Double or Something where you can’t lose.

You will find Incan Goddess at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.