I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots

IRIS-3000-slotI.R.I.S. 3000 is one of those games where the developer (RTG in this case) wants to push the envelope and create something new and exciting. The game’s theme is based on technology and it has a bit of a futuristic look, with the graphics giving you the impression that you’re inside some sort of robotic factory in the future. The initials of I.R.I.S. mean Interactive Real Intelligence Slot. You do get the impression that this factory has as its main purpose the creation of cash that will go in your pocket, a nice impression to have even if it’s not real.

The game’s layout and features are the parts where RTG decided to innovate. One of the new innovations is the fact that there are actually 7 reels that you can work on, though only 5 are activated during the base game. There is also only one payline, despite the 5 reels present, so even though it’s a modern game it has a bit of a classic side to it as well. Its features are unusual, with only the multiplier being something you might know. The other feature is based on the extra 2 reels, which are normally closed. The prizes will go only up to $5,000 for the game, but its progressive jackpot can get closer to $100,000.

Features of I.R.I.S 3000

Starting up this game is done by selecting the five reels that you want to use, out of the seven available. You click on the doors, in order to close two of them, after which you can get started. The number of coins used will determine your chance to trigger the door feature. One coin will get you regular payouts, nothing more. Two coins will get you the winnings you are entitled to, plus a chance to open a 6th door, which gives you better odds of getting a combo. Three coins will give you a chance to open both the 6th and the 7th doors, so even bigger odds of getting a combo formed.

The presence of seven open doors triggers a 10x multiplier, which applies both to the jackpot of the game and to the regular symbols.


Betting options and jackpots

The single payline offered in I.R.I.S. 3000 means that you get the option to use 1 to 3 coins on it. Additional coins increase the potential prize, plus it gives you better odds at big prizes thanks to the additional features which can be triggered this way. The coin has a fixed value, of $0.50, so you can bet up to $1.50 per round.

If you used three coins in your wager, and you got all seven doors opened and five Radiation Hazard symbols to appear, you get the huge progressive jackpot. The game’s own symbols will only get up to 7,500 coins otherwise, so a maximum of $3,750.

Design and symbols

The game has a good design, futuristic and industrial looking, so you pretty much get the impression that the action takes place inside a manufacturing plant in the future. It uses a lot of dark green and black in it, and the resolution is not that great, but the overall effect is nice and perfect for this theme.

Symbols: Radiation Hazard (1,000x), Bio Hazard (750x), Fire Hazard (500x), Electricity Danger Sign (250x), 3 Gold Bars (200x), 2 Gold Bars (100x), 1 Gold Bar (25x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re tired of the same old slot machines that don’t do anything new, this slot would be a perfect opportunity to play something exciting and different (a game with a single payline, but up to 7 reels). You also have a big progressive jackpot that you can look out for.

I.R.I.S 3000 can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.