Jazz Time Slots

Jazz-Time-slotJazz Time is a game offered by RTG for all the fans of this music genre. This type of music has a long history behind it and it’s considered quite refined and respectable, at least compared with other mass market genres. It has its own large fan base, but it doesn’t come close to what other types of music manage. To this day, listening to great jazz remains a popular past time, and it gets even better when you can actually go to a club and hear live performers sing.

The game’s layout looks a bit unusual because the symbols are not squares, but other than that it’s a normal 5 reel game with 9 paylines. It looks and feels like an old game though, not modern at all, but that’s something to be expected when it comes to jazz I guess. Though its prizes are quite valuable, going up to $250,000, its list of features is short and it includes only a scatter symbol and one bonus feature.

Features of Jazz Time

As I’ve mentioned above, the game will not offer you a huge number of opportunities when it comes to features, but there still are some included. One is the Jazz Jam session, while the other is the Big Money Scatter Bonus.

Big Money Scatter Bonus

The trigger for this bonus round is actually composed of three different types of scatter symbols. You have to collect all three component symbols, in order to assemble the drum set and be able to move into the bonus round. The three component symbols are the drumsticks, snare drum and the hi hat. When the drums are assembled with the help of these three scatters, you will be rewarded with a 350x prize, a multiplier that is used on the total bet.


Jazz Jam Session

The second important feature offered by Jazz Time, Jazz Jam requires the player to collect three scatter symbols with pianos on them. The three piano symbols don’t need to be on the same payline, just to be present in any position.

During the music session that follows, you can actually take part in the bonus game by choosing the instruments that will be used. If those instruments are able to create together a nice groove, you get a prize. You can keep selecting instruments until you hit a bad note, and at that point the game stops. Up to 4,000 coins can be won in this bonus game.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system in Jazz Time is different than in other RTG titles. Each coin is valued in the same $0.01 to $5 range, but you can use up to 5 coins per line. With 9 lines available, you are allowed to use up to 45 coins and with a value of up to $225.

The game will give you some big payouts along the way, the 10,000x multiplier being applied to the line wager. If all five coins were used at maximum value, that could mean a $250,000 prize.


Design and symbols

It’s not a great design to be honest, and it’s not just that it looks retro and dark (which would be OK for a jazz game). The symbols and the surrounding graphics just don’t fit together and there is such a thing as too much sepia coloring.

Symbols: Piano (scatter), Hi Hat/Snare Drum/Drumstick (scatter symbols), Microphone (10,000x), Trumpet (2,000x), Guitar (2,500x), Saxophone (1,500x).


Is It Worth Playing?

A $250,000 jackpot can be the only reason you ever need to play this game, but it does help if you’re a fan of this type of music as well. Its graphics don’t look impressive and feature wise it doesn’t offer as much as other slots from RTG.

You will find Jazz Time at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.