Loch Ness Loot Slots

Loch-Ness-Loot-slotComing from RTG, Loch Ness Loot takes us in one of the more mysterious locations in the world. I’m talking about Loch Ness lake of course, located in Scotland and rumored for ages to be home to a huge monster. Sightings of this monster have been reported for a very long time here, but nobody managed to get a good picture of it yet. This game combines that Loch Ness theme with the treasure aspect, so hopefully it will bring a bit of luck with it and a huge prize in your wallet.

You will notice that there are 25 paylines on the 5 reels of Loch Ness Loot, making this a pretty average game in this regard. The game’s prizes include a few of the usual stuff, so you will find from time to time the scatter or the wild symbols on the reels, with access to free spins being included as well. The prizes don’t appear to be that large, with up to $12,500 offered in the best case scenario, but they are supplemented by two progressive jackpots, called Major Jackpot and Minor Jackpot.

Features of Loch Ness Loot

Lochie is the name of the monster that appears in Loch Ness, or at least that’s what the slot chooses to call it. It looks like a friendly dinosaur, with the head and the long neck sticking out of the water on one of the rare occasions when the weather is all clear. Because it is used as a wild feature, this symbol is capable of taking the role of others, to help them get their combination formed. What is a bit unusual, but not unheard of, is the fact that it has the ability to substitute for scatter symbols as well, so it counts towards the free spins requirement.

The Treasure symbol is a bag filled with gold coins that’s sitting at the bottom of the lake. As a scatter feature, it will award prizes whenever there are at least two of them on the reels, but if there are more then the payouts are considerably better. The cash prize range is from 1x to 25x the bet value.


Free Games Feature

The same treasure scatter is required to appear a minimum of three times, if the free spins round is to begin. Unfortunately, the scatter’s position matters somewhat in this case, as the 3+ symbols have to appear starting from the left side and going to the right on adjacent reels. This severe limitation is tempered somewhat by the wild’s capability of substituting for it.

If the requirements are met, the player receives 8 spins for free. The Lochie symbol becomes an expanding wild for their duration, so all the positions on that reel will be covered by it.

You will also take advantage of the 2x multiplier that the free spins offer. The feature can be triggered again, with the same requirement of 3+ scatters.


Win-Win Feature

You might’ve seen the Win-Win feature in other RTG titles, and if you did I know you’re glad that it’s present here as well. This feature basically guarantees you that you will win prizes thanks to the free spins feature. Even if the feature doesn’t give you any money, or if the prize is low, Win-Win gives you cash to compensate.

There are two requirements for it though. First of all, you have to use all 25 coins in your wager, so all the paylines are active. Second, the free games feature has to give you prizes worth less than 8 times the wager that triggered it.

Now, Win-Win will give you the following amounts, depending on just how much you’ve won during the free games. If you registered zero wins, you automatically get a prize that is worth 150 times the bet. With wins worth up to 2x the bet, the payouts vary between 15x and 150x. 2x to 5x wins result in the prize being in the 10x to 150x interval. Finally, getting 5x to 8x multipliers of the bet as you use the free spins will result in prizes between 5x and 150x from Win-Win.


Betting options and jackpots

Players that give Loch Ness Loot a chance will find that they are permitted to use a single coin for each payline they want active. The largest part of the bet change is done through the coin denomination, which goes up to $5. $125 wagers are possible in this game, for each spin.

Thanks to Lochie the wild, the game offers 2,500 coins in prizes for the best combo available. $12,500 is the cash equivalent, which isn’t a huge amount, at least not for a title that has the word Loot in it. You might have a bit more luck with one of the two progressive jackpots, especially with the one called Major.

Design and symbols

The monster theme used in Loch Ness Loot is attractive and uses wonderfully designed characters and objects as its symbols. You can see the lake at the top, with the monster visible as well on the right side. Even the poker cards are designed to look like monsters here, with green slime underneath and with colored spots on them.

Symbols: Lochie (wild, 2,500x), Treasure (scatter, 25x the bet), Fisherman (2,000x), Boat (2,000x), Camera (1,250x), Newspaper (500x), Polaroid Photo (500x), Ace/King/Queen (250x), Jack/10/9 (200x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you discount the prize which is not as high as I would’ve liked, the game has great potential and it gives you enough entertainment value. The Win-Win feature is especially great to have, making up for the average top prize.

Loch Ness Loot can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.