Mayan Queen Slots

Mayan-Queen-slotMayan Queen, a game offered by RTG, gives away pretty much immediately what it is about. It is inspired by the Mayan civilization, long lost people from South America that had some impressive accomplishments to their name. The Mayan pyramids are among them, built thousands of miles away from their Egyptian counterparts and without an apparent connection. The graphics look great and the symbols are a mix of Mayan objects, treasures and the Queen herself.

With 5 reels inside, the slot also has 25 paylines and a complete list of profitable features. These include wilds and scatter symbols, to which they’ve added free spins and some multipliers. The top jackpot is the real attraction here though, offering as much as $150,000 from a single combination of symbols. The random progressive jackpot is a good secondary prize, but it doesn’t come close to what the game will give you.

Features of Mayan Queen

If you’ve been impressed by the game’s top jackpot, you will find that its special features can be just as impressive when they work together and offer their own payout.

The Queen seems to have a rather limited role in this game, at least if you’re not paying attention to everything it can do. Its appearances are limited to a single reel, the third one, but from that position it both doubles prizes and it is capable of substituting for all the symbols, even the scatters.

A superb green Emerald is the other major symbol, a scatter capable of giving away prizes of up to 500 times the wager. Best of all, the multiplier of the wild applies to it as well, so if the Queen is present on the screen you get 1,000 times what you bet in that round (up to $125,000). How cool is that?

Free Games Feature

It doesn’t stop just at the prizes though. Besides the payouts offered by the scatter, you can get 6 free spins as well. The requirement is for three Emeralds to be present, or at least two Emeralds and one Queen wild.

You will find that the wild Queen symbol appears expanded on its reel for the duration of these free spins.


Betting options and jackpots

Mayan Queen remains a pretty typical game for RTG, using the same number of coins in its wagers as the number of paylines that are to be used in that round. Since there are 25 lines here, you can use up to 25 coins. The total bet will go up to $125, but only if you decide to use the maximum coin value, which is $5. Alternatively, you can reduce it to just $0.01 if you only want to see how the game works.

This game is not at all standard for RTG when it comes to its payouts, being a lot more generous than the majority of its other titles. While you can usually expect around $25,000 in average from RTG games, Mayan Queen awards up to 30,000 coins given the right combo of symbols, which means up to $150,000.

The Random Jackpot, which you will notice displayed at the top, is offered to one of the players that use this game, at the end of a spin. It’s completely random and the symbols in Mayan Queen can’t influence it in any way.

Design and symbols

You will notice that RTG didn’t waste that huge prize on a game with less than perfect graphic quality. Mayan Queen has seen a lot of designer time put into it, so you will love how each symbol looks. The image used in the background is less impressive, just a view from very far away of a Mayan pyramid, with nothing else but trees everywhere else.

Symbols: Queen (wild), Emerald (scatter, 500x the bet), Mayan Pyramid (15,000x), Leopard (2,500x), Treasure (1,000x), Gold Idol (500x), Stone Portrait (300x), Snake (250x), Parrot (250x), Bracelet (125x), Ceramic Pottery (125x), Dagger (125x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Mayan Queen does a lot of things right, starting from the prizes that aim to impress and continuing with great graphics and a decent list of features. I believe that it is worth playing and it certainly has the potential to give you a big jackpot.

This Mayan Queen slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.