Medal Tally Slots

Medal-Tally-slotMedal Tally is a game from RTG that focuses only on the champion, the best that the world of sports has to offer. Featuring the three types of medals you can get in various competitions during the Olympics, Medal Tally makes sport even more fun to watch than usual. You also get the chance at a good prize here, hence the increase in attractiveness. The entire action takes place sometime during the summer Olympics, with multiple events shown on its symbols, including running and swimming.

The game has a typical layout for a modern slot machine, and it’s also one of the favorites for RTG. That means the usual 5 reels with 25 lines that are all activated by its bets. It doesn’t have huge bet requirements, so it’s understandable why you normally only get up to $400 cash from it. There is the progressive jackpot as well, and that’s a lot more attractive. Features include here wilds, multipliers, free games features and scatter symbols.

Features of Medal Tally

Even though the features listed are the same ones as in most other slots, the difference is in the scatter symbol, which can give you a progressive jackpot at some point, a feat not possible during the base game unfortunately.

The symbol that has all three medals together, with Gold, Silver and Bronze medal representations of an Olympian, acts as the wild symbol and that’s why it is capable of substituting for others in the game. It doesn’t do that with the Feature scatter, but it works in every other situation where a different symbol is needed in its location. There are considerable payouts offered as well, as long as you get a few identical ones on the same line. Prizes go up to 10,000 coins, but that doesn’t mean much in a slot with $0.04 coins.

The other feature, the one that’s going to give you the progressive jackpot if your luck holds out, will do so through its free games. The image used here is that of laurels with the word Feature written on top.

Free Games Feature and Progressive Jackpot

The player receives 10 free games when he has three scatters, 15 for four and 20 games for five scatter symbols. As these free spins are used by the player, any prizes won are tripled in value thanks to their multiplier.

You will notice that any medal symbol (wild) that appears during free spins is accumulated, counting towards a prize given at the end of the spins. The smallest prize possible is 5x the bet, for up to 4 medals accumulated. The amount continues to grow for every 5 additional medals collected, with total bet multipliers going up to 1,000x. If you hit 50+ medals, you’re going to have a reason to celebrate, as that’s the number required for the progressive jackpot.


Betting options and jackpots

It doesn’t take much to start playing this particular slot. The game, though it uses 25 coins in its wagers, doesn’t allow the player to change anything about them. The result is that bets use a fixed number of coins and active lines, while the denomination is fixed as well. You can only bet $1 for each spin, with coins worth $0.04 each.

Since the bets are not that impressive, you shouldn’t expect much from the slot’s jackpot. You get 10,000 coins from it, but since the coins are so low in value, that would mean about $400 cash.

The progressive jackpot is a considerably better alternative, offering prizes in the five figure range. It can be won as you’re playing the game, during the free spins. It requires at least 50 wilds to appear during the free spins, which is not an easy task, but not impossible.

Design and symbols

You’re going to find the design of Medal Tally to be one of its strong suits. This game has seen a lot of attention put into it and there are wonderful images created for about half of its symbols. The other half consists of playing cards, but even they have a gold medal wrapped around them.

Symbols: Medals (wild, 10,000x), Feature Logo (scatter), Athlete (5,000x), Cyclist (2,000x), Swimmer (1,500x), Sports Arena (1,500x), Ace (800x), King (800x), Queen (400x), Jack (400x), Ten (200x), Nine (200x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Though people usually only really get interested in the Summer Olympics when they’re about to start, you don’t have to wait for four years to get a taste of its events. Medal Tally is a wonderfully designed game, with a very low barrier of entry (it’s a penny slot) and with a large progressive jackpot.

You will find Medal Tally at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.