Mermaid Queen Slots

Mermaid-Queen-slotMermaid Queen, a slot machine from RTG, gets its theme inspiration from the ocean and the beautiful variety of life that is available underneath its surface. The mermaid is nothing new, with the idea of a woman with the lower body of a fish being something that a lot of people have been intrigued about. The action seems to take place a bit into the past actually, with the sail ship used in one of the symbols being the kind that you would’ve seen in the Medieval Ages.

Once inside the game, you will notice that its 20 paylines are placed on 5 reels, and that a random jackpot is advertised in the top part of the screen. The game has its own prize as well, worth up to $37,500. A combination of free spins, multipliers, scatters and wild symbols are offered in Mermaid Queen, overall a decent collection of features to rely on as you play.

Features of Mermaid Queen

You’re going to find all the usual features and the game doesn’t innovate with any of them. On top of that, you will find the wild to be underpowered, but luckily the free games make up for it.

The scatter symbol, with the huge purple sea shell, will start awarding prizes whenever a minimum of two of them are on the screen simultaneously. The prizes are quite low if you don’t have all five of them though. To get the top prize, worth 200 times the bet, you need five scatter symbols. Four or fewer will result in payouts of 15x or less.

The Mermaid, a beautiful woman with red hair and jewelry made out of small shells, acts as the wild that is limited to appearances on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. Each wild that appears is going to give you a small prize, worth 2 coins. The rest of the time, it will try its best to get you more paying combinations, making the game a lot more profitable for you.


Free Games Feature and Multipliers

In this slot, all you need to get the feature round started is for all three wild symbols to be present. The scatter doesn’t have anything to do with it. If the requirement is met, you will receive 10 free spins which benefit from 2x multipliers. Whenever a clam symbol appears on the reels, you receive one extra free spin. The clam triggered spins all have 3x multipliers.

Betting options and jackpots

Mermaid Queen’s betting system involves the use of a maximum of 20 coins, which is the same number as the paylines available. You are free to choose as many coins/line as you want to, but it will influence your chances of getting a paying combination. Individual lines can receive bets of up to $5, with the starting point being at $0.01. The game allows for wagers to go up to $100 per spin.

A total of 7,500 coins are on the line here, in a game that also has a progressive jackpot. The game’s own prize can mean as much as $37,500 cash for you, while the progressive prize is usually worth a few thousand dollars and it’s given randomly.

Design and symbols

The game takes advantage of the inherent beauty of the sea and its creatures, so naturally you’re going to find it an appealing choice. In the background you don’t see the bottom of the sea though. Instead, you see the ocean surface, with the sky filled with stars taking most of the screen. The symbols are either related to the sea, or decorated with strings of pearls (the playing cards).

Symbols: Mermaid (wild), Clam (scatter, 200x the bet), Merman (7,500x), Sail Ship (2,500x), Fish (1,000x), Pearl necklace (500x), Ace (400x), King (400x), Queen (250x), Jack (250x), Ten (200x), Nine (200x).


Is It Worth Playing?

This is one of the many games that have approached the sea theme, but only a few of them have focused on mermaids. It is an interesting choice, with a big prize (for RTG) and with pretty graphics. It’s worth your time and your money, so give it a go and see how it works out for you.

Mermaid Queen can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.