Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid-Life-Crisis-slotIn Mid-Life Crisis, the player gets one of the games from RTG that makes you smile at first, but it gives you a good reason to play it as well. That good reason is the red sports car that every man going through a mid-life crisis would want to buy, and which you can actually win while playing the game. Since it’s a game themed around mid-life crisis, you will find a lot of elements inside that represent the lifestyle that a man would pursue when he’s in this stage (motorcycles, parachutes, gold jewelry, lots of money, pills).

Despite the interesting theme, the game is not one of the more attractive and modern titles of RTG. Instead, you get a 5 reel title that has 9 paylines, with small wagering requirements. The payout offered here is the really interesting part, giving you a chance at winning a red sports car, valued at $100,000 (or you can get the money instead). The features are not standard either, including scatter symbols of different types that you have to collect and bonus rounds.

Features of Mid-Life Crisis

The game is special when it comes to features as well, not just with its design and choice of prizes. You get bonus games and scatter symbols in it, and you can learn more about them below.

Mid-Life Scatter Bonus

The difference between the scatter symbols offered here, and the ones from other titles, is that in this case you get three different ones and they go together. You have to collect the three scatter symbols which go together, helping the man get ready to go out and have fun. The three symbols include the bald man, his toupee and a gold chain to put around his neck. The prize offered when you have all three symbols will go up to 350 coins.


Pick Your Poison Bonus Round

This is the second feature of Mid-Life Crisis, and it involves three symbols with cute women on them. You have the redhead, the blonde and the brunette, and they are all scatter symbols. No matter where they appear, if you get all three of them you collect the symbols and you gain access to adventure bonus rounds. The choice is either between adventures or the Miracle Youth Tonic that Krazy Al offers you. Payouts will go up to 4,000 coins.

Betting options and jackpots

Most games will give you bet amounts that are round numbers and look pretty and neat. It’s not the case here, as the game uses 9 paylines, with up to 5 coins each and fixed denominations of $0.25. The line wager becomes $1.25, while the total bet is worth $11.25.

Now, the really interesting thing about this game is the option you’re given when you win its big prize. Get five red car symbols on the same active line, while using the maximum wager, and you will actually win a sports car. You can get the car, in the color of your liking, or you can get the money instead ($100,000). Either way, it’s an interesting offer for anyone going through a mid-life crisis.


Design and symbols

The game’s design is one of the its downsides, certainly not flashy or attractive enough for a title with this theme. The open road is visible at the top, with a sign saying “Caution! Old Age ahead”, which is funny but visually it’s not handled right. The same goes for the symbols, all good ideas that are related to mid-life crisis, but the design is old and could do with an update.

Symbols: Red Car ($100,000 or the car), Yacht (3,200x), Cash (2,000x), Motorcycle (1,500x), Jacuzzi, Parachute, Pills, Toupee, Mid-Life Man, Gold Chain, Brunette Girl, Blonde Girl, Redhead Girl.


Is It Worth Playing?

For a chance to win an expensive sports car, or the cash equivalent, the game can be a good choice and you might even have fun with it. Its graphics will detract from the experience though, so I don’t see people playing it in the long run.

You will find Mid-Life Crisis at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.