Mister Money Slots

Mister-Money-slotMister Money is an RTG game that is built around the idea of luxury and the lifestyle that having money can bring you. From pretty girls, to sports cars, private jets and expensive watches, the game has it all. It actually flaunts the cash a bit, as you will just see it laying around at the top of the reels or on the intro screen. Mister Money is an actual character in the game, a guy about 30 years old that has everything he needs to be able to enjoy life.

This 20 line slot has 5 reels and was created by RTG. The title’s prizes are not as impressive as the theme might lead you to believe, offering only $25,000 if you take home the big prize. It’s an average payout for an RTG slot and it’s a disappointment that isn’t fixed by the even smaller progressive jackpot. On the other hand, you get plenty of great features, so you will notice wild and scatter symbols on the reels, plus the free games and multipliers that you’re already used to.

Features of Mister Money

A surprise move here is that Mister Money is not an actual feature symbol and he doesn’t give you the top jackpot either. The developers chose instead to use two types of diamonds to represent the scatter and the wild.

The White Diamond will serve in the role of the wild, the symbol capable of substituting for all other symbols. This even applies to the Red Diamond scatter. There is a 2x multiplier applied to all prizes that the wild contributes to, which once again applies to the scatter prize as well. If you want the big prize, you should hope for five wild symbols to align on the same payline, a combo that will award you 5,000 coins.

You will notice that the Red Diamond is the other feature symbol, the scatter. It both gives you free spins and cash prizes, but the symbol has to appear a certain number of times during the same spin. The payouts will go up to 50x the bet normally, but will double to 100x if a wild substitutes for a scatter symbol.


Free Games Feature

The same Red Diamond scatter that gives you prizes, will also give you the Free Games Feature. The requirement is the standard one for a lot of games, a minimum of three symbols scattered around.

The feature starts with a screen where 15 money bags are present, and the player has to click on them. The number of scatters (3 to 5) will determine the number of picks (3 to 5). Each pick will get you either 3 spins or an extra 1x multiplier. You start out with 5 spins and a 2x multiplier, and you can win either up to 15 extra spins during the feature, or increased multipliers by up to 5x (or a combo between the two).

Betting options and jackpots

The game seems to take the title seriously enough when it comes to its bets, going as high as $100 for a single spin of the reels. If that option is selected, the player uses the maximum number of 20 coins, each one with the value set to $5. At its lowest setting, the coin is set to $0.01. You can easily enjoy this game as a penny slot player, but the rewards will not be impressive at all.

The jackpot does not offer the player a huge amount, but at $25,000 it can be a good opportunity for most people. That amount is the equivalent of 5,000 coins at their maximum value. You will find a progressive jackpot offered as well, awarded at the end of the spin randomly.

Design and symbols

Mister Money has the typical design for a luxury themed game that tries to sell a certain idea of a lifestyle. You get all sorts of objects that you might desire, plus a certain lifestyle that might come with having a fortune at your disposal. The white reels and the abstract background with cash on it don’t do a lot for the experience though. You will find quite a few more slot machines out there that look better and have the same kind of theme.

Symbols: White Diamond (wild, 5,000x), Red Diamond (scatter, 50x the bet), Mister Money (1,250x), Blonde Girl (750x), Mansion (500x), Private Jet (200x), Lamborghini car (200x), Money Bag (150x), Gold Ring (150x), Watch (100x),Necklace (100x), Stacks of cash (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game deserves a chance for the idea and in part for the execution as well. When it comes to prizes, this is an average slot, but the free games feature is interesting and has the potential for multipliers of up to 7x, which should apply to the jackpot as well.

You will find Mister Money at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.