Monster Mayhem Slots

Monster-Mayhem-slotA RTG creation, Monster Mayhem is a slot machine that seems to be inspired by the King Kong or Godzilla movies, only in this case we get two different monster sized creatures causing havoc in a big city. One of them is a bull called Smash, while the other is a huge pink rabbit called Crash. Smash and Crash both look quite angry, but together with the cartoon design of the slot you will find that they fit in perfectly. It’s a funny game, with cute graphics and it should provide you with a decent experience for a few hours.

The game’s 5 lines are a bit crowded in this case, allowing for up to 50 paylines to be formed on them. The game has features, but they’re a bit more basic than we’re used to. You get wilds, re-spins and scatter symbols, so there are plenty others that are missing. You will find that up to 2,500 coins can be won, which should translate into prizes of $12,500 cash in the game. Connected to the game, but awarded randomly, there are two progressive jackpots that are named Major Jackpot and Minor Jackpot.

Features of Monster Mayhem

As I’ve mentioned above, the Monster Mayhem features seem to be offering you only the basics. You get the major types of symbols, but I’m missing the free games (replaced with re-spins) and multipliers.

The city in flames, that’s what you’re going to see if you look at the scatter symbol. In its current role, this symbol can appear in any position in this slot, and as long as you get at least three of them on the reels, you get a prize. The best prize awarded by it is for five scatter symbols, and it’s valued at 50x the bet.

The Monsters are the two wild symbols and they can appear on one reel each. The 1st reel gets the Smash monster, while the 5th is reserved for Crash. Each appearance of a wild results in a small prize, worth 2 coins. One ability that these wilds have is the power to substitute for scatter symbols as well, not just for regular icons.


Re-Spin Feature

The feature granting you re-spins can be triggered at anytime in the base game, the requirement being that you have both the 1st and the 5th reel wilds on the screen at the same time. When that happens, the two reels with wilds on them will stay in place, while the other three reels will re-spin as many as 10 times.

Even better, the re-spins have increasing multipliers. It starts off with 1x for the first one, and then moves on to 2x for the second re-spin, 3x for the third, and so on. You get a 10x multiplier for the tenth re-spin. It’s a great feature, which makes me not miss the free spins so bad, but it can’t be retriggered unfortunately.

Betting options and jackpots

Thanks to the large number of paylines, the game gives you more chances to form combinations that pay something, but in exchange you have to wager more. In this case, you need to use all 50 coins of the slot, but at least you can decide their value yourself (in the $0.01 – $5 range). Bets of up to $250 are allowed this way.

Since you get a lot of chances at paying combinations, the top jackpot is not worth a lot, with $12,500 up for grabs if you get the 2,500 coins offered. Either that, or you can hope to get one of the two progressive prizes available.

Design and symbols

You will find that Monster Mayhem is a charming game, with funny (yet dangerous) looking monsters and providing an excellent experience. I actually prefer it over games like those based on King Kong or Godzilla, which is saying a lot about the quality of its graphics.

Symbols: Smash and Crash (wilds), City (scatter, 50x the bet), Footprint (2,500x), Scared Woman (1,250x), Policeman (500x), Helicopter (400x), Car Wreck (400x), Reflector (200x), Fire Hydrant (200x), Newspaper (100x), Camera (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say yes, based on the graphics and the potential of the re-spin multipliers, which go up to 10x. They can improve the payout potential of this game considerably, plus to win the jackpot during the re-spins you already have two wilds on the screen, so you just need the other three symbols to get paid.

The Monster Mayhem slot machine is offered through the RTG platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.