Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots

Operation-Myow-Paytable-1RTG gives us in Operation M.Y.O.W. a classic slot machine themed around cat ninja fighters. They’re all masked, but you can tell they’re not humans, and they’re OK with that. The game is considered a classic, so you will find that its design and overall experience isn’t at the same level as a modern title. Still, it has something I haven’t seen before, the option to choose which paytable you want to use, out of the three available (you will read more about that below).

The 3 reels of this classic slot play host to a single payline. The exact amount you can get out of it varies, as you can select the paytable you prefer, but it can go as high as $25,000. There are no major features included in it, and there are also no progressive jackpots.

Features of Operation M.Y.O.W.

There is only one thing that sets this game apart from every other classic, and it’s not the feature symbols. While it doesn’t offer wilds or scatters, the game is interesting because it has three different paytables that you can select. One will have low prizes, but will also use fewer symbols and give you a chance to win frequently. The other paytables offer bigger prizes, but more symbols are used and the odds of getting a payout are smaller. You pick the type of game you want to play by choosing the appropriate paytable for it.

Betting options and jackpots

As many other classic slots do, Operation M.Y.O.W. will require a minimum of 1 coin for its only payline, but it will give you the option to use 2 or 3 if you want to. More coins give you bigger prizes, and it’s usually a good idea in classic titles to max out this part of the bet. The other part consists of the coin denomination, which is between $0.05 and $5. The maximum allowed bet is at $15.

Each of the three paytables that you can cycle through has its own jackpot to offer. The first one will give you only 50 coins, the second one 1,500 coins and the third one 5,000 coins (all top jackpots are for three coins used). If the coin is set to its maximum value, that means $250, $7,500 or $25,000.

While each paytable only offers prizes for certain symbols, the game still gives you the symbols that are not part of it, so just because you have a winning combo on one paytable, it doesn’t mean that it applies to another one.


Design and symbols

The design is nothing special, which is in line with the expectations you should have from classic slot machines. The game takes the form of a pub slot, with fish skeletons used repetitively in the background and with each paytable having a different ninja cat next to it (Catzilla, Bat Cat and Lucky Cat).

Bat Cat Symbols: 3 Bat Cats (50 coins), 2 Bat Cats (18 coins), 1 Bat Cat (6 coins), 3 Blanks (5 coins).

Lucky Cat Symbols: Lucky Cat (1,500 coins), Golden Dragon (250 coins), Red Lampion (100 coins), Blanks (10 coins).

Catzilla Symbols: Catzilla (5,000 coins), Golden Dragon (500 coins), Red Lampion (400 coins), Fish (300 coins), Lotus Flower (200 coins), Blanks (75 coins), Chinese Sign (50 coins)


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a game you should try out if you’re looking for something different, as this slot certainly delivers that. It’s quirky, quite simple looking, but its three paytables make it a lot more complex than you will guess at first.

The Operation M.Y.O.W. slot machine is offered through the RTG platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.