Pharaoh’s Gold Slots

Pharaohs-Gold-slotA classic title offered by Realtime Gaming, Pharaoh’s Gold will keep to the basics for the most part, and yet despite being in a category known for low quality graphics, it manages to provide a decent experience and an Egyptian themed slot that is actually pleasant to use. The Egyptian theme is quite common, with lots of slots using it, both in the classic and the modern variants. It’s always good to see a classic title managing to do a good job at it though, so I welcome its use in this case.

The game doesn’t offer the player a lot, keeping things simple enough as most classics do. It has the usual 3 reels, plus a total of 3 paylines that can be activated. There is only one major feature included, the wild symbol. The prizes are quite good, including a progressive jackpot that the slot itself offers with a certain combination of symbols.

Features of Pharaoh’s Gold

Though normally you wouldn’t find any kind of features in a classic game, Pharaoh’s Gold makes an exception and it adds a wild symbol to its reels. The Eye of Ra is used to represent the wild and it can match any of the other symbols, if it can help form an extra paying combination. It doesn’t have any prizes of its own to offer though.

Betting options and jackpots

There aren’t a lot of paylines to be found in a classic slot, so naturally you’re going to use fewer coins to cover them all during each spin. Three paylines require three coins in this case, while the denomination is between $0.25 and $5. It’s a good idea to cover all the lines, so if you want the maximum coin and prize value, you will reach a bet of $15 per round.

The real prize here is the progressive jackpot, which requires a certain combination of symbols to appear on the 3rd payline (the last one activated). It’s important that you use 3 coins in all your wagers, or you might end up with just 50 coins ($250), instead of the progressive prize.

Design and symbols

Even though this is a classic slot, the Egyptian theme actually seems to work for it. It relies on the same casino slot design on the outside part, but the area in the middle has beautiful symbols, views from next to the pyramids and it all comes together nicely.

Symbols: Pharaoh Mask (progressive jackpot), Scarab (25 coins), Snake (5 coins), Eye of Ra, Ankh Cross (wild).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re looking for a decent looking classic slot (which is rare enough) that also has a progressive jackpot on offer, Pharaoh’s Gold will fit that description quite well. Fans of this type of slot machine shouldn’t avoid this title.

Pharaoh’s Gold can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.