Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Rudolph's-RevengeRudolph’s Revenge is one of three slot machines from RTG, all of them dealing with a vendetta that is taking place between Santa Clause and Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer. The result is funny, but only to us, as the protagonists and everyone else involved seems to be full of bruises. From bombs, to anti-sled rockets and beatings, everything seems to be used in this holiday slot. Throughout the game, you will find that it offers you many of the things you might expect from Christmas themed slots, but the revenge theme changes how everything looks, and the result is hilarious.

This is a penny slot that only asks of the player to invest a couple of cents per line, with all 50 of them selected. With just $2 per spin, you can win prizes of 5,000 coins ($200). The progressive jackpot is much more impressive, awarding prizes in the five figure range. Getting $20,000+ returns on investments of $2 per spin is very good. The game also offers more than just great looking graphics, with the long list of features insuring that you will have a great time no matter what. You will find inside wild and scatter symbols, free games and multipliers.

Features of Rudolph’s Revenge

In any game you want to play these days, you will find that the features make the difference. Since there are so many great looking slots out there, you can afford to be picky and go after the ones that make the effort in every department. That’s what Rudolph’s Revenge seems to be doing, giving you all the features you can handle.

The first one on the list would be Rudolph himself, a reindeer with a black mask on his eyes and with a red nose that looks like it’s a hot coal. It is used not just as a substitute symbol, though that’s a big part of his role, but also as a trigger for the progressive jackpot I mentioned above. With five Rudolph wilds on the payline, the base game will give you the progressive jackpot, while the feature will award 5,000 coins. All prizes get doubled when the wild contributes to the symbol’s combination, as it has its own x2 multiplier.

The Bomb symbol, which is masked to look like it’s a gift with a red bow on top, gives you a good idea of how low this little war of Rudolph’s really is. A scatter symbol, when it is present in random positions around the reels, will award its prizes by taking into consideration only the total number of times it appears and not the exact location. The prizes are not that impressive in this case, with up to 20x the bet being offered for five Bomb symbols.


Free Games Feature

Normally, you don’t need the scatter symbol to be in a certain position in order to get its prize, but when it comes to free spins that is the only way to get them. The Bomb scatter has to show up starting from the Left reel, going towards the Right. When you get at least three reels with Bomb scatters on them and in the right order, you receive 7 free spins.

The multiplier system is interesting here, as it uses a base x2 multiplier to which it adds a number that is the equivalent of the number of Rudolph wilds present. For example, if you have two wild symbols during a round, the multiplier is x2 + x2 for the wilds, the total being x4.

If the free spins were triggered by four scatters instead of three, you get the Bomb to act as an extra wild. With five scatters being the trigger, both the Bomb and Santa will be used as Rudolph wilds. The one downside of the free spins feature is that it can’t award the progressive jackpot.

Betting options and jackpots

There isn’t a lot of work to be done in this area of the slot. You are allowed to place fixed wagers, worth $2 each spin. The $2 wager covers all 50 lines, with $0.04 coins.

As you can imagine, payouts are not terribly attractive since line bets are so low. The free spins will get you up to 5,000 coins ($200), but the multipliers can add to that amount quite a bit. The progressive jackpot of the base game is the true prize here, and the game’s payouts can’t really come close to it.

Design and symbols

Like the other titles from this series, Rudolph’s Revenge has an impressive design. It not only follows the Christmas look that so many are looking for during the holidays, but it brings mayhem to the reels and the focus is on the war that’s between him and Santa Clause. It even manages to be funny and it should prove to be a great experience.

Symbols: Rudolph (wild, progressive jackpot), Bomb (scatter, 20x the bet), Santa (2,000x), Frozen Elf (1,000x), Santa’s House (500x), Tied Elf (500x), Ace (250x), King (250x), Queen (250x), Jack (150x), Ten (150x), Nine (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

All three titles from this series are worth at least a look, especially here where you only have to bet $2 per spin. The small investment can be rewarded with a huge prize, plus you can have fun during the holidays even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with.

Rudolph’s Revenge can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.