Shark School Slots

Shark-SchoolShark School is a slot designed by RTG which has a hybrid theme. On one hand, the characters that appear in it are different types of sharks that are either teachers or students at a school. On the other hand, there is a focus on sports as well, more specifically on American Football. The sharks are not alone in this game, with smaller frightened fish playing the roles of the school students that are on the geeky side. The dangerous sharks on the other hand seem to be the popular guys, the athletes.

You will find in Shark School a 5 reel game with 50 bet lines you can place bets on. The game has decent top payouts, which will go up to $7,500. It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot of any kind, which is surprising when you consider how many titles from this developer have one. The only feature that seems to be missing at first is a multiplier, but you will find it in the free spins feature. Other than that you get all the usual game features (wilds, free games and scatters).

Features of Shark School

Though it offers the regular features as well, what I found really interesting here was the two bonus games that you can get access to. One of them is actually a bit more visual and takes you further in the game’s atmosphere, while another is a regular free spins round.

The Squid symbol will take the role of the wild in Shark School. It’s actually a stacked wild, so I’m excited to see it and at the same time disappointed since it is only allowed to appear on the 1st reel. It can also act as a scatter symbol, a role not too many wilds can take.

The School symbol is just as important, and it shows us an image of a red building that is placed at the bottom of the sea. Whenever a minimum of three scatter symbols appear, you will win one of the three features offered by the game. The same number of 3 to 5 scatters will trigger prizes, though only the maximum number will get you a decent prize (100 times the bet).

In order to get one of the three features, you have to click on one of the School symbols that are scattered around the reels. Remember, you need at least three of these scatters to be present.

Swim Fishy, Swim!

During this bonus game, you get to take advantage of free spins, which continue for as long as the small fish evades the hungry shark that is pursuing him. The fish race starts with the tiny fish being three spaces ahead, and then it continues depending on the symbols you get on the reels. Whenever a shark symbol appears on the 3rd reel the shark from the bonus game advances by one spot in the race. The appearance of a fish symbol will advance the tiny fish by one spot. The maximum gap allowed between the two is five spaces.

You will get these free spins for as long as the fish evades the shark, or up to the point where 25 spins have passed. If 25 spins pass and the fish manages to escape, you receive an extra prize, worth 200x the bet. As for the free spins, all their payouts are tripled thanks to a multiplier.


Bad Sharky!

If the 3+ scatter symbols result in this bonus round, you receive 3 to 10 re-spins, where the 3rd reel is covered by a shark symbol and stays fixed, while the other reels spin again. If a fish symbol appears, the shark on reel 3 will try and eat it. The eaten fish gets replaced with a shark symbol.


Don’t Eat The Teacher!

The third of the features available in Shark School will give you free spins that have a x2 multiplier. If a shark symbol appears on the 5th reel, it will try to eat the Teacher symbols that appear on the same row on the 1st reel. The survival of the teacher means +1 for the multiplier and the free spins keep going.

The round ends either when 25 spins have been used, or when the teacher gets eaten. The survival of the teacher for 25 spins will mean an extra 100x prize for the player (multiplied with the total bet).


Betting options and jackpots

As is often the case with titles that have 50 lines, bets can get expensive fast, especially if you use the largest coin denomination available to you. In Shark School, that means selecting a value in the $0.01 to $5 range, with top wagers going up to $250 for a single spin.

Those large wagers you can place in the game will result in prizes of only up to $7,500 from regular combinations, but the bonus games can give you up to 200 times the bet ($50,000).

Design and symbols

The action taking place in a school, you will find that the graphics reflect that and puts the sharks in the roles of bullies, while little fish are Goths and geeks. The playing cards look like letters and numbers on football jerseys, some of them with tiny shark bites visible. It’s a decent design overall and the theme is unique, which is something a lot of titles struggle with.

Symbols: Squid (wild), School (scatter, 100x the bet), Shark Coach (1,500x), Hammerhead Shark (1,250x), Shark Teacher (1,000x), Shark Football Player (500x), Red Fish (750x), Goth Fish (500x), Fish with backpack (400x), Fish with glasses (400x), Ace/King (300x), Queen/Jack (250x), Ten/Nine (200x).

Is It Worth Playing?

Though the large wagers will make a lot of players shy away from this slot, you do get more chances to win as well and the three bonus games offered inside all have free spins and larger payouts than the base game.

This Shark School slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.