The Three Stooges Slots

three-stooges“The Three Stooges” is one of the two games released by RTG with this theme, the other one being the sequel to the game we’re currently looking at. It is one of those games that chooses to focus on a movie, specifically on a comedy trio that was hugely popular during the TV’s black and white period, but which continues to have a lot of fans today as well.

This penny slot requires very little when it comes to wagers, but then again it doesn’t offer much of a reward if you happen to win its fixed jackpots. The real prize is the progressive jackpot that is awarded through a certain combo of symbols. The wild symbol and the scatter are typical features for a game like this, but it does very well with its three bonus games, each one focusing on a different character from the trio (Moe, Curly and Larry).

Features of “The Three Stooges”

The features it offers are the main attraction point of this game, as there are three types of bonus games that you can play thanks to the scatter symbols, all of them built around the theme and incorporating the three characters.

Each of the three stooges is a scatter symbol, so there are three features of this type in this slot machine, while most games only get one. They don’t play that well together though, so you will need 3 to 5 scatters of the same type in order to get paid or to trigger the bonus game (you can’t combine 2 Larry’s with 1 Moe). In addition to the bonus game, the presence of 3 to 5 identical scatters gets you payouts from 2x to 200x the total bet value.

Free Spins Feature

Moe Money – when you get a minimum of three Moe symbols on the screen, you are asked to touch a symbol in order to reveal how many free spins you’ve won. The available options are 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25. The second Moe symbol you touch shows you the multiplier, which can be at 2x, 5x or 10x.

Curly Cash – Curly, the second scatter symbol that triggers a feature, will award the player 10 spins for 3 symbols, 20 spins for 4 symbols and 30 spins for 5. All free spins come with tripled prizes, the multiplier being fixed at 3x.

Larry’s Loot – you don’t get any free spins from Larry, but you get a guaranteed cash prize instead. Click on one of the symbols that triggered the feature, for a payout that could go up to 1000x the bet.

The other major feature in this game is the wild. Its substitution powers are augmented by its 3x multiplier which will triple the prize of the combinations it had a hand in forming.


Betting options and jackpots

The Three Stooges is the kind of game you play for fun, just because you’re a huge fan of the comedy trio that inspired it. Luckily, RTG decided to make it cheap enough for everyone to be able to enjoy it, so you get a fixed wager worth $1.25 here, enough to cover all 25 paylines with $0.05 coins.

The big money is in the progressive jackpot here, typically big enough to get you a payout in the five figure range. If you rely solely on what the game’s fixed prizes will get you, the Larry’s Loot bonus game is your best hope, awarding up to $1,250.

Design and symbols

The design of the game follows the graphics style of the period when this type of comedy was most popular, back when Larry, Curly and Moe were still around. You get a cool retro vibe from this game, helped in great measure by the presence of the objects used as symbols.

Symbols: Logo (wild, progressive jackpot), Moe/Curly/Larry (scatters, 200x the bet), Shemp (1500x), Young Lady (1000x), Film Reel (400x), Hat (400x), Film Clapper (150x), Retro Telephone (150x), Stacks of cash (100x), Judge’s Hammer (100x), Pie (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As a fan of this comedy act, the answer would be definitely. If you’re in it solely for the money though, you might find that the games typical prizes only get you a couple of hundred dollars at best, the progressive jackpot being the only hope you have for a big pay day. On the other hand, it’s a penny slot that doesn’t ask for much and offers a lot of enjoyment in return.

“The Three Stooges”: Movies and TV Series

“The Three Stooges” was a comedy act that showed up in the 1920’s and ended up being on TV screens until 1970, though not with all the original members of the group. People loved this vaudeville act back then, and they still love them today. Whether it was for TV or for cinema, this trio relied mostly on slaps and farces to get people laughing, and they were great at it.

The three members of the group were Larry Fine, Curly Howard and Moe Howard. They are best known now as Larry, Curly and Moe. Other members part of the team included at one time or another Shemp Howard, Joe DeRita and Joe Besser.

Whether it was television, music, comic books, radio or the big screen, The Three Stooges were part of it all in one form or another. Now, we even have slot machines themed after them, which shows you that they’re still popular, even more than four decades since they left us.

You can play The Three Stooges slot at any RTG powered casino out there, either for real cash or for play money.