Triple Twister Slots

Triple-TwisterTriple Twister looks like a game that could be fun, as this RTG title doesn’t have a theme you will find that often. It involves a tornado and the farm that is hit by it, threatening to pick up animals and people, to destroy barns and be a hell of a pain in the derriere. It also has a design that is appealing enough, with cartoon characters that are nicely drawn and a pleasure to look at. The twister and the farm are both visible in the background image, while the symbols are filled with worried animals.

The game has plenty to offer besides the theme, including on its 5 reels & 50 paylines a collection of great features. These offer you the wild and the scatter symbols, plus rounds with free games and some multipliers. Even the payouts look interesting, with $49,995 on the line from the game, plus two jackpots that are awarded at random.

Features of Triple Twister

The twister isn’t the only one providing excitement in this game. The slot also gives its players various feature symbols and bonus rounds, each one with its own advantages brought to the table. The Win-Win feature is always a favorite of course, as it guarantees you prizes.

The Twister symbol, which shows us the storm coming on the farm’s grounds has for some reason green dollar bills swirling around it. It acts as the substitute and you will only find it on the 3rd reel and as an expanded wild. It can even substitute for the scatter symbol, always a nice property for a symbol of this type. Besides being able to expand on the reel, the wild also has a multiplier that will triple the prizes it contributes to.

The Weather Vane, with a rooster used on the arrow, will act as the second big feature, the scatter. There are two things that a scatter can do in these games, to trigger features and award prizes. It does both things in Triple Twister, requiring 2+ symbols for prizes and 3+ for features. The prizes vary between 2 and 33 times the bet, while you are in the base game. With the wild contributing as a substitute for a scatter, the prizes are either 27x the bet for four scatters, or 99x for five.


Free Games Feature

The presence of 3+ Weather Vane scatters on the reels will present the player with a round of 9 free spins. Unfortunately, though they can be in any position on the reels, they do have to show up starting from the Left and going towards the Right. It’s the kind of limited scatter ability that can be extremely annoying and it does reduce the feature’s value a bit.

However, the game does try to improve the usefulness of the free spins, once they do show up, mostly with the help of the wild. Whenever a Twister wild appears in the game, it will expand to cover either 1 or 2 extra reels. This way, you can get up to 3 wild reels at the same time.

Win-Win Feature

A feature I’ve always enjoyed taking advantage of, Win-Win has no downsides for the player. If the free spins don’t get you good enough prizes, Win-Win automatically gives you consolation prizes. No wins during the 9 free spins will result in a consolation prize worth 100 times the bet. Very low wins, of up to 2x the bet, will get you up to 8x the bet in prizes. Payouts of 2x to 5x the bet will be better, so the consolation prize gets even smaller (3x the bet). Finally, with 5x to 10x the bet in free spins payouts, the Win-Win feature will get you a prize worth 2x the bet.


Betting options and jackpots

With a lot of paylines in use, you can expect to use a similar number of coins in your bets. You use 50 coins at all times, without the option of selecting fewer lines. The betting range is between $0.50 and $250, meaning coins between $0.01 and $5.

The slot uses the number 3 a lot, so you get two different symbols that award 3,333 coins (up to 9,999 with the wild’s help). That means $49,995 cash, as long as the Twister used its multiplier on the prize. Though two progressive jackpots are also dangled in front of your eyes, they don’t have a huge value and they don’t get triggered directly by the game.

Design and symbols

The theme is interesting enough on its own, but the design helps it a lot as well. The farm where the twister is wreaking havoc is seen in the background, with various types of animals used as symbols and with the farmer being part of the action as well. It’s a good looking slot machine, one I’d be happy to play for a longer period of time.

Symbols: Twister (wild), Weather Vane (scatter, 33x the bet), Farmer (3,333x), Farmer’s Wife (3,333x), Barn (333x), Cow (333x), Pig (333x), Dog (150x), Tractor (150x), Wind Mill (150x), Straw Ballot (99x), Truck (99x), Bucket (99x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, if you’re looking for a game that is both fun and profitable, with a decent set of features and with a Win-Win option that will get you consolation prizes, Triple Twister is a title I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Triple Twister can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.