Vikings Voyage Slots

Vikings-VoyageVikings Voyage presents us with a slot focused on the life of the Vikings, mostly dealing with their conquests and their sea roaming, and less with the time they spent at home. That’s why you will find only the longboats of the Vikings in the background picture, small sea worthy boats that allowed them to even cross the ocean sometimes. It’s a civilization that many are fascinated with, as the warrior myth tends to be quite popular among those that have such calm and safe lives these days.

The game’s 5 reels are occupied by 20 win lines. It was designed by the RTG developers and they’ve made sure that it’s a title that has a lot to offer players that try it out, not just with graphics but with the features as well. I’m talking here about free spins, multipliers, scatters and wild symbols. There is a progressive jackpot shown at the top of the screen as well, while the slot has its own $25,000 prize.

Features of Vikings Voyage

Even though the graphics would be reason enough for many players to give this slot a few spins, it makes sure they want to stay as well, so it mixes a range of cool features, with both re-spins and free spins offered on top of the usual symbols with wild and scatter roles.

The wild’s representative image is one of the fierce Viking warriors, a large man with long blonde hair and with a golden helmet with horns on it. Looks like one of their Chieftains, so it’s appropriate that he should take such an important role. He may only appear on the 1st and 5th reels though, and from those positions it can substitute for the other symbols (Longboat scatter excluded). The wild doesn’t have multipliers or its own prizes.

The Longboat, a ship that relied both on sails and rowing to navigate the open ocean, is used by the game as its scatter symbol. During the base game, a minimum of three Longboats present will get you a prize of 2x to 25x the amount you’ve wagered. The same Longboat has the role of triggering the free spins, which then get to start up the re-spins.

Free Games Feature

You will notice that a presence of 3+ Longboats on the screen gets you the round with 10 free spins. You get multipliers as well during these spins, so they double the prizes you would receive in the base game (not true for scatter symbols though). On top of that, payouts offered for scatters start at 2+ symbols, instead of 3+ like it is in the base game. The presence of the same 2+ scatters also gets you a free re-spin feature.


Re-Spin Feature

As you’re using your free spins, if the game gives you at least two Longboat symbols you will be rewarded with the re-spins feature. You can only get it started from within the free spins. The reels that have scatter symbols on them will stay in place, while the rest get to re-spin for up to 10 times. The only prizes offered in these re-spins are those that come from scatter symbols, so you shouldn’t count on them too much.

If 4 or 5 Longboats appear during re-spins, the player gets an additional 3 or 5 free spins. If there are 5 Longboats present, all the reels are held and the 25x payout is offered 1 to 10 times in a row.

Betting options and jackpots

The Vikings Voyage betting requirements are not exaggerated, as the minimum bet needed to start the game is $0.01 (the smallest denomination of one coin). Those that want to get as many chances to win as possible should try using all 20 coins available though, while the $5 coin denomination will get them the biggest prizes possible. The maximum wager available is $100.

You get two chances at a life changing prize in Vikings Voyage. One of them is obviously the slot’s own $25,000 top prize (5,000 coins). The other would be the random progressive jackpot the slot can trigger, though it doesn’t do it through its own symbols.

Design and symbols

RTG knew exactly what kind of design this slot needed, so they managed to create a cartoon inspired slot that should be a pleasure to play on, at least if you’re a fan of this civilization. You can find out a lot about how the Vikings were like, simply by looking at what kind of objects and ships they used.

Symbols: Viking (wild), Longboat (scatter, 25x the bet), Maiden (5,000x), Axe (2,000x), Gold Coin (1,000x), Gold Cup (500x), Ace (300x), King (300x), Queen (250x), Jack (250x), Ten (200x), Nine (200x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There are a lot of civilization themed slots out there, but the Vikings are especially cool, perhaps because they were such dedicated warriors. The theme, the prizes and the combo of free spins/re-spins recommend this title.

You will find Vikings Voyage at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.