Voodoo Magic Slots

VoodooMagicVoodoo Magic is a slot from RTG’s collection, which offers you exactly the content you think it might, when you hear the name. It’s a dark religion themed slot, with various weapons, potions, skulls and voodoo dolls scattered around its reels, to name just a few of the main attractions. There is a bit of a dark side in many of us, so it’s understandable why such a dangerous and exotic religion could prove fascinating. The dark forest found behind the game’s reels adds to the mystery and makes this even more fun.

The Voodoo Magic’s 13 paylines (even here we see the dark side) are placed on a typical 5 reels. The $10,000 top jackpot is not accompanied by a progressive prize here, one of the few titles from RTG that doesn’t offer something like that. As for the slot’s best features, it’s not easy stopping at just one, so I’ll mention the Black Magic Free Spins, the scatter and the wild symbol.

Features of Voodoo Magic

The slot’s features try to enhance the atmosphere of the game, using relevant images for the symbols and the Black Magic title for the round of free games. It succeeds at making this game a great choice for fans of the supernatural.

A Voodoo Priestess is one of the symbols that tries to keep the dark atmosphere alive, with its picture of a scary looking woman that I’m not entirely sure it’s not a mummy. The appearance of a wild symbols on the slot reels means extra chances for you to get paid, as it will attempt to substitute for other icons and get them to form combinations that way. You will also find that getting multiple symbols like this one on the same win line can be quite profitable, with the slot’s jackpot being offered by it (2,000x).

The Voodoo Doll is the other feature in Voodoo Magic. It’s a picture with a doll that is lying down on its back, with a skeleton drawn on it and with a needle sticking out of its chest. In case you don’t know what a scatter does, this type of symbol has the ability to offer payouts whenever 2+ Voodoo Dolls are in any position in the game. The payouts are better the more scatter symbols are present, with the top amount being 100x the value of the triggering bet ($10,000).


Black Magic Free Spins

One advantage that this game has over others is the possibility of winning free spins with the help of only 2+ scatter symbols (usually the requirement is 3+). Whenever you get a cash payout out of the game’s scatters, you also get 25 free spins (a generous number, especially since it’s so easily triggered).

The free spins can potentially have a Magic Multiplier feature active, but it’s not guaranteed. It involves an increasing multiplier, that starts at 1x for the first spin and keeps growing for each subsequent spin, up to 25x for the 25th. The free spins don’t benefit from the presence of the scatter symbols.


Betting options and jackpots

With an unusual number of paylines come an equal number of coins that have to be used in a full bet. The 13 coins allowed in the game will have individual values of $0.01 to $5, with the maximum amount being worth $65. There is no obligation to stick to the maximum number of coins, but it’s a good idea since that will keep all the lines active.

Without a progressive jackpot as a backup, the slot relies only on the 2,000 coins of the top jackpot, or so it seems at first. The thing is, there are multipliers of up to 25x possible during the free spins, and that should considerably increase the potential payouts.

Design and symbols

RTG did well with Voodoo Magic, especially when it comes to its graphics. It’s a great looking title that manages to send across the point perfectly, keeping a dark and threatening atmosphere throughout. The forest in the background contributes as well since it’s so dark and mysterious, but the game’s symbols are the ones that work hardest at this.

Symbols: Priestess (wild, 2,000x), Voodoo Doll (scatter, 100x the triggering bet), Voodoo Priest (1,250x), Mask (1,000x), Idol Statue (500x), Skull (300x), Snake (@50x), Ingredients (250x), Candles (150x), Potion Cup (150x), Dagger (100x) and Bone Necklace (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I highly recommend giving Voodoo Magic a chance. The game looks and plays in a way that will make you want to keep spinning the reels for hours (and that’s without any magic involved, I hope).

Voodoo Magic can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.