iSevens Slots

iSevensiSevens is a classic slot machine, which is closer to that old genre than many other 3 reel titles manage to be when they are created for an online audience. It still has some features, and it also looks quite different from most classics, but overall it has a certain simplicity in it that belongs in that category. You will find a focus on 7s inside, but the “I” letter is also present. Designed by Saucify, it has a classic influence in the choice of its symbols, but it does them differently than other slots.

iSevens has 3 reels that have 5 reels on them. You’re getting wild symbols and multipliers as well, with top payouts of $40,000.

Features of iSevens

The game doesn’t rely on too many features, which makes it very close to an actual classic title, which wouldn’t have had any. iSevens only gives you one wild symbol, and it’s the one which has the 7 symbol on it.

As a wild, this symbol gets to be part of combinations which have other types of symbols in them, acting as the others in order to help them award their win. There are no multipliers applied here, only the substitution ability being at work.

Even though it has the power of the wild, the iSeven is also used to award prizes. The game has 5 lines and each one will give you a different amount for a combo that is formed on it. It will be worth between 1,000 (1st line) and 8,000 coins (5th line).

Betting options and jackpots

The largest wager accepted by the game uses 25 coins, with values of up to $1. Each line gets up to 5 of those coins, meaning that line bets don’t go higher than $5.

The line on which you get the combo of three wilds decides what kind of top prize awaits you. It can be as low as 1,000x, or up to 8,000x. If the latter is offered, its maximum cash value is $40,000.

Design and symbols

The game’s design does seem to have a certain influence from the Apple products, having the silver color in some of the icons present inside. I’m talking about the Cherry symbols which are silver and one of them has a bite taken out of it, but there is also the iBar or the silver 7. The reels are bigger than in other slots, and they take a bigger portion of the screen, while the paytable is smaller and the symbols on it are almost difficult to make out when playing the game at a smaller size.

Symbols: Seven (8,000x, wild), iiiBar (400x), iiBar (200x), iBar (100x) and Silver Cherries (90x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s certainly a different game than you might be used to if you’ve played 3 reel titles before, but mostly when it comes to the visuals. Otherwise, it’s a game like any other, which you play if you like the theme.

The iSevens slot machine is offered through the Saucify/BetOnSoft platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.