7 Monkeys Slots

7-MonkeysTop Game is the developer that is behind 7 Monkeys, a slot machine with a jungle themed atmosphere, where there are obviously about seven types of symbols, most of them with monkeys of different colors, ranging from yellow to multi-colored variants. The monkey is an often used image when it comes to slot machine symbols, but games dedicated only to them aren’t that often seen, so it’s an welcomed addition, even though it feels a bit repetitive since the symbols all have the same basic shape.

7 Monkeys is a game which has a bit of a fetish for this number, also offering 7 paylines and having a total of 7 symbols inside (only six monkeys though, despite the title). The slot’s features include impressive numbers of free spins, multipliers, a scatter and a wild. Payouts will give back up to $7,500.

Features of 7 Monkeys

Once you’re in the game, you will notice that the features you get are normal ones, ranging from wild symbols, to scatters, lots of free spins and even some multipliers for them.

The Baboon symbol gets one of the main roles in the game. This would be the wild feature, which is the only one that is capable of substituting for other symbols, while also being possible for it to create its own combinations. A combination with up to five wilds in it will pay the jackpot of the game, with a value of 1,500 coins. The rest of the time, you can count on the Baboon to be the usual replacement symbol, which helps you get more wins. Wilds can’t replace scatter symbols, but that’s their only limitation.

Free Games Feature

The other major feature that the game mentions is represented by the image of Bananas. If you have multiple scatter symbols present on the reels, at the same time, the game will bring you free spins and multipliers.

You need just three such Banana scatters present to get the smallest prize, but at 50 free spins it’s big enough to be the maximum amount offered in any other game. With four such symbols, the reward doubles, to 100 free spins and a multiplier of 2x. The maximum number of scatters, five, will trigger 150 free games and a 3x multiplier for all their wins.

There is incredible potential in this feature, for a lot of wins to form up, and even to triple the value of the top jackpot if you win it along the way. You can even retrigger this feature, though you only get 15 extra spins when 3+ Banana symbols appear again.

Betting options and jackpots

Your bets will have two components, the line bet and the number of active lines. You have 7 lines to work with, while the bets go up to $5 in value. That means a wager of up to $35 each round.

The wild’s best payout offers you 1,500 coins, or up to $7,500. Let’s not forget about the multipliers from the three spins, which can even triple this jackpot.

Design and symbols

The design of the slot focuses on the jungle forest, the place where all those monkeys live. Most of the symbols, with the exception of the scatter, have images of monkeys on them. They are not very varied, and you don’t get to see the entire monkey. You only have a round symbol with a face of a monkey that is surrounded by fur. The monkeys are all colored in different ways.


Symbols: Baboon (wild, 1500 coins), Bananas (scatter), Yellow Monkey (150 coins), Green Monkey (50 coins), Blue Monkey (50 coins), Orange Monkey (15 coins) and Red Monkey (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an unusual game, which by itself should be enough to make it interesting. The real big advantage it has comes from its free spins, up to 150 rounds being offered and with multipliers as well to make it even more impressive.

You will find 7 Monkeys at any online casino which chooses to use software from Topgame, playable either for free or for real money.