Bankroll Reload 1 Line Slots

Bankroll-Reload-1-LineBankroll Reload is a series of games from Top Game, with 1 Line being the name of the first title of the series. You can probably guess what makes it special, since it’s mentioned right in the title. The other two titles are the same way, different mostly because of the number of paylines that you can find. In each case, you get a classic slot machine, with an attractive design.

A classic game from Top Game, this title comes with 3 reels & 1 payline. A wild symbol would be its only feature, while a $30,000 jackpot is the biggest prize offered.

Features of Bankroll Reload 1 Line

Even though this is a classic game, at least one feature was placed inside it, and it’s a wild symbol.

The game’s main symbol, the one that awards the top jackpot, is also the one with wild powers. What this means is that it can substitute for any other symbol, so if you have the rest of the payline with the right symbols, the wild will take the place of the last one that is needed. It can also help with two wilds, while a single regular symbol provides the rest of the payline’s winning combo. The image selected to represent it is that of a Golden 7 with gold coins all around it.

Betting options and jackpots

A standard betting system is in use here, the 1 line getting 1 to 3 coins when the wagers are made. Their denomination is between $0.01 and $5, so you can bet up to $15 for a single spin.

The 6,000 coins that can be won with the help of three wild symbols will mean up to $30,000 for the players that get this combo. The full three coins should be used in all wagers though, it makes a big difference when the top jackpot is awarded.

Design and symbols

The design is miles ahead of what many other developers manage to offer in their classic slots. It has a gold and dark red abstract background, with three simple reels on the right, and then a paytable on the left. It might not sound like much, but the designers knew how to combine colors and how to create high quality symbols and graphics for this slot.

Symbols: Golden Seven (wild, 6,000 coins), Gold Star (600 coins), Triple Bar (150 coins), Double Bar (75 coins), Single Bar (30 coins) and Roll of Cash (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not a bad game, and it should be a very good choice if you prefer your games simple. You only have to worry about a single payline with this game, and it even gets wild symbols from time to time.

You will find Bankroll Reload 1 Line at any online casino which chooses to use software from Top Game, playable either for free or for real money.