Bankroll Reload 3 Lines Slots

Bankroll-Reload-3-LinesBankroll Reload 3 Lines comes from Top Games and it’s their second title in a series of classic slots with almost identical designs, but with a different number of paylines in each case. The fact that this one has 3 lines is what sets it apart, the theme being the same mix of gold, money and classic symbols. The same attractive graphics have been used in this slot as well.

The second of the Bankroll Reload games has 3 lines, and it remains just as much a classic slot as the other two. There is also a wild symbol in the game, while the jackpot is worth the same amount, $30,000.

Features of Bankroll Reload 3 Lines

As before, you get a single feature in Bankroll Reload, and it’s a wild symbol, which should come in handy since there are so few lines and symbols.

The slot’s best symbol, both a wild and the top jackpot trigger, is the Golden Seven. You need it to appear on paylines either with other wilds, or with matching regular symbols, in order for its powers to be of any help to you. With three wilds on the same line, you get a jackpot of 1,000 to 6,000 coins, depending on the line. With one or two wilds, you need the rest of the payline to have one or two matching symbols.

Betting options and jackpots

For each coin that you use, you activate a new line. A total of 3 lines and 3 coins may be selected per round, while the denomination varies in the $0.01 – $5 range. The maximum bet is worth $15.

You not only get more chances to win the big prize, you get a chance for it to be worth more when you activate more lines in this game. The value of the top jackpot is different for each available payline, offering 1,000 coins on the 1st line, 3,000 coins on the 2nd and 6,000 coins on the 3rd. The coin’s value being at $5, the total goes up to $30,000 in the best case scenario.

Design and symbols

The dark red design has gold accents and coins in it, the mix being attractive. Despite the classic heritage, you’re going to find yourself attracted to this slot machine. The only difference between this one and the other titles is the number of lines and the paytable which accommodates the different types of jackpots offered on the three lines.

Symbols: Golden Seven (6,000 coins), Gold Star (200 coins), Three Bar (50 coins), Two Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Roll of Cash (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

You get a few more chances to win a prize each round, while spending the same amount of money, but the top jackpot can be worth less than before. Whether you pick this title, or one of the other two from the series, it all depends on the kind of game you enjoy playing.

Bankroll Reload 3 Lines can be found at any Top Game casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.