Bingo Slot 25 Lines Slots

Bingo-Slot-25-LinesBingo Slot 25 Lines is the kind of game that has a lot to offer. It’s not only a slot from Top Game, a relatively small developer, but it’s also a game that is themed around the game of Bingo, and which has a huge progressive jackpot to offer. These are all things you should know about it, before you give it a chance, but I suggest you read the rest of the review as well. The design is one that I enjoyed, taking the form of a Bingo card, with the 3×5 layout used in it being occupied by symbols with numbers on them. This is also one of the three games from the Bingo Slot series that Top Game produces, and the only one that is a modern title. The other two are classics with just a few paylines.

You will discover that the 5 reels of Bingo Slot accept for up to 25 lines to form up on them. Among the special symbols which appear in it, there is a bonus game trigger, a scatter with free spins and a wild. A $18,000 top prize is all that the game offers directly, with a progressive jackpot being the real target in it.

Features of Bingo Slot 25 Lines

All the features that are offered in this game are regular ones, which you would expect, meaning a wild symbol, scatter symbols with free spins and bonus symbols.

Each of the three feature symbols are round and they have a word and a small design inside. The Wild ball is purple, has its name inscribed on it, and it acts as the usual substitute for all other regular symbols. With the exception of a bonus or a scatter symbol, the wild can take the place of any other. This is the symbol that you need on an entire payline, if you want that huge progressive jackpot that can be won in this game.

Free Games Feature

Next on the list would be the scatter symbol, an orange colored ball with Scatter written on it. As in every other game, this scatter symbol triggers free spins, and it does it from any random position it appears in, as long as you get at least three of them. You get only 7 free spins when there are three scatter symbols, but this quickly goes up with each additional symbol, to 20 free spins, and then to 50 spins.

Bonus Game

A bonus game is offered as well, the payouts being within certain ranges, depending on the number of bonus symbols that triggered it. You can win between 24 and 120 coins with three bonus icons, 120 to 600 when there are four, and then 1,200 to 6,000 when there are five.

The bonus symbols are regular ones, not scatters, having to form regular combinations in order for the bonus game to start up.

Betting options and jackpots

For each payline that the slot has, only one coin can be used to activate it. You can activate only some of the paylines, so you can use anywhere between 1 and 25 coins for each spin. As for the individual line wager, it’s the same as the coin denomination, which is between $0.01 and $3. The maximum bet is at $75.

There are two different types of payouts you can walk away with. One of them is the slot’s own top prize, which is worth 6000 coins, or up to $18,000. The other one is much more impressive, a progressive jackpot that can make you a rich man, going even into million dollar territory.

Design and symbols

The design tries to follow the look of a Bingo card, looking like it’s made out of old paper and sitting on a table. It doesn’t look like an online Bingo game, it looks like the kind you would find in Bingo halls across the world. The symbols are simple balls with numbers of them, and with different colors, plus a few that are with features attached to them.

Symbols: Purple Ball (wild, progressive jackpot), Bonus Ball (bonus, 6,000 coins), Scatter Ball (scatter), 8 Ball (3,000 coins), 7 Ball (800 coins), 6 Ball (500 coins), 5 ball (300 coins), 4 Ball (250 coins), 3 Ball (200 coins), 2 Ball (150 coins) and 1 Ball (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a fan of Bingo, it should be a decent choice, especially with the huge progressive jackpot that is offered by it. It’s also the only version of Bingo Slot that has so many lines, the only modern title.

This Bingo Slot 25 Lines slot is offered by all online casinos with Top Game software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.