Carnival of Venice Slots

Carnival-of-VeniceCarnival of Venice is a gorgeous slot machine that Top Game offers, themed around one of the more well known carnivals of the world. As you’ve probably guessed already, it takes place in Venice, the famous city with water canals going through it, with gondoliers and lots of romantic spots, but also with a lot of tourists. The annual carnival of Venice is one of the reasons why so many tourists visit it, and it’s well known for the gorgeous and elaborate masks worn by people at that time. It takes place each spring, ending once the Lent celebration comes around.

The slot’s 5 reels host up to 20 paylines on them. Top Game added a couple of decent features among the symbols, one being the bonus game called Unmask the Revelers, another being the free spins, while the wild symbol is also present and always a popular addition. A $75,000 jackpot is on the line, and quite a good target to have.

Features of Carnival of Venice

Three big features are offered by Carnival of Venice, with just as many symbols being triggers for them. The wild symbol would be first, the bonus game second, while the free spins and their scatter trigger would be third.

The picture of Venice at night, as the carnival goes on, is what you will see in the wild symbol. This wild feature is going to be quite useful, its substitution ability being one that has brought prizes to countless players before, and it will continue to do so. You’re going to find its ability useful, but you’re only going to take advantage of it when the wild appears in the position where it’s needed. It doesn’t just help you out simply because it exists, some conditions have to be met first. The only two symbols that don’t get its assistance are the scatter and bonus icons.

Free Games Feature

The Gondolier symbol is the scatter icon, meaning that it can show up in scattered positions on the reels. It doesn’t have to form a regular combo on an active line, it can simply be present a minimum of three times. If that happens, you can win up to 30 free spins from it.

Unmask the Revelers

A bonus game is also offered, triggered with the Bonus icon. This is no scatter, so 3+ icons of this type need to form a combo on a payline that is active that round. As many as 6710 bonus points can be won in this feature. You are taken to the streets of Venice, where people are partying, and you have to unmask some of them, getting a prize each time.

Betting options and jackpots

You use as many coins, as you want lines to be active. Use 20 coins, which is the highest number of coins allowed, and you get 20 active lines that round. The ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible, and for that you have to increase the denomination of those coins as much as you can afford. The range is $0.01 to $5, and with all 20 coins selected you get a maximum bet of up to $100.

The game promises a very generous 15,000 coins top prize, meaning that you can win $75,000 from it. With a lot of other games giving away less than 10,000x in return, this feels like an excellent target to have.

Design and symbols

It’s a gorgeous slot machine, one of the best that Top Game has to offer. The intricate masks that the Venice Carnival is famous for are a big part of the reason, but every other part of the game is just as well thought out. You have a simple blue sky in the background, with the reels sitting on a stage of sorts, with multi-colored bars between them, and with a combo of orange and red selected for the betting options. I’d play this slot machine for the graphics alone, they’re that good.

Symbols: Venice by Night (wild), Bonus (bonus), Gondolier (scatter), Yellow Mask (15,000 coins), White and Red Mask (2,000 coins), Blue Face Mask (500 coins), Pink Mask (400 coins), Blue Eye Mask (300 coins), Green Lady (250 coins), Red Joker (200 coins), Red Old Man (150 coins), Yellow Costume (100 coins) and Mime (75 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, it’s a dream come true for a true fan of what this gorgeous world of ours has to offer. It gives you a superb design themed around one of the most popular carnivals of the world, and it’s quite generous with its prizes as well.

Carnival of Venice can be found at any Top Game casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.