Cool Stone Age Slots

Cool-Stone-AgeCool Stone Age is indeed a cool game, but more on the interesting side than anything else. The theme here is a Stone Age civilization that resembles the one from The Flintstones. You have a combination of humans and dinosaurs in one place, with cars that are feet powered and have wheels made out of round slabs of stone. It’s a pretty good approximation of the look from the Flintstones series, and if you grew up watching that cartoon you will love Cool Stone Age.

Though it is themed around an ancient theme, it’s a modern game that has 20 paylines. The scatter symbols, the free spins, wilds and bonus games are all examples of modern features. The top jackpot is another huge point in its favor, worth up to $50,000.

Features of Cool Stone Age

The three standard features of modern games are all present in Cool Stone Age. The free spins are there, as are scatter symbols, a bonus game and a wild feature.

The first one would obviously be the wild, the most popular feature available in slot machines. You’re getting a simple feature here, nothing special about it. It’s represented by a Brown Brontosaurus taking a bath, and if it’s in the right place it will assist you with a formation of a new combo. It doesn’t always work though, but if it does it will make that spin profitable, so it will help you get more money in the long run. It doesn’t replace bonus or scatter symbols, but it should work with all regular combinations.

Free Games Feature

The Stone Cottage is the slot’s only scatter feature. Since it is capable of appearing in random locations, and still give away its prizes, it is called a scatter, and it can be quite useful. In Cool Stone Age, the only scatter available is going to trigger as many as 20 spins for free.

Caveman Cruiser Bonus Game

The Stone Age Car is identical to one from The Flintstones, with four stone wheels connected by a wooden chassis. These bonus symbols form combinations on active lines, and when they do this, they offer access to the bonus game instead of a direct cash prize. The amount you can win inside varies depending on your luck.


As you get to crossroads with your car, you pick the direction it should take, and hopefully you will make some profitable picks.

Betting options and jackpots

You might have to spend up to $100 per spin in this game, but that’s only if you’re looking to max out both your chances to get a prize, and their potential value. The use of up to 20 coins at $5 each is what makes up that kind of wager, but selecting fewer coins and smaller denominations is allowed, so you can spend as little as $0.01 per coin.

A 10,000 coins top prize is advertised by Cool Stone Age, and that means up to $50,000 cash. It’s a very good prize, and one I’d suggest you go after.

Design and symbols

The Top Game developers did an excellent job with Cool Stone Age. The game uses a lot of stone in its design, even the reels seem to be made out of this material, while the symbols are a mix of stone made objects, dinosaurs and cavemen. I’d say that the game actually looks better than the original Flintstones used to, at least when it comes to the characters and objects used in it.

Symbols: Brown Brontosaurus (wild), Stone Age Speedster (bonus), Stone Cottage (scatter), Old Scientist (10,000 coins), Warrior (1,000 coins), Lady (500 coins), T-Rex (250 coins), Mammoth (150 coins), Stone Age Laptop (100 coins), Stone Shoes (75 coins), Stone Age Gameboy (50 coins) and Stone TV (30 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game is a lot of fun, it has interesting graphics, features and good payouts, so all things considered I recommend you try it out. It’s one of my favorite slots from the Top Game collection.

This Cool Stone Age slot is offered by all online casinos with Top Game software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.