Crazy Pizza Slots

Crazy-PizzaCrazy Pizza is the kind of classic slot machine where you actually get a feature inside, plus it’s going to be relatively good looking, something you can rarely say about these games. It was created by Top Game, and as you might expect, it’s themed around pizza, with a minor in soda drinks. There aren’t that many symbols on the reels, but those that appear here tend to be pizza related in some way, one of them being an actual splash of ketchup. I don’t actually see anything crazy about this slot, but they do have the pizza part of the title right.

A 3 reel classic slot, Crazy Pizza gets 1 payline. Top Game decided to give players one feature as well, and they’ve gone with the almost classic wild symbol. The biggest prize available inside is at $30,000.

Features of Crazy Pizza

The slot’s only feature is the wild symbol, and I was happy to get even that, since a lot of 3 reel titles don’t offer anything that could be classified as a special feature.

The Pizza Slice symbol, which is also the trigger for the top jackpot, is the one that acts as the wild. That’s why you can count on it to award the 6,000 coins jackpot when the entire line is covered by these symbols, but when only one or two are present it will help you get others going instead. It’s a good symbol to have, in any game, and I’m sure you will agree once you get a couple of wins with its help.

Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range is between $0.01 and $15, depending on the number of coins used and their value. $0.01 is the value of a single coin at its minimum setting. $5 is the maximum denomination allowed per coin. You may use 1 to 3 coins for that one payline available, and they will influence the size of the prize you get from the slot.

A 6,000 coins top payout is advertised for the right combo and for a 3 coin wager at the same time. With the highest denomination setting used, that means up to $30,000 cash.

Design and symbols

As I’ve said, this is a pizza themed slot machine, so that’s what you see everywhere. You have the logo area, with a steaming slice of pizza, with salami, cheese and mushrooms on it, and then you get the wild symbol which shows you the same thing. At the bottom, you will find a bunch of ingredients that go into pizza, placed in the area that separates the betting options from the reels. The slot has a darker design, but it works well for it, especially visible in the paytable area.

Symbols: Pizza Slice (6,000 coins, wild), Soda Drinks (600 coins), Triple Cheese Bar (150 coins), Double Cheese Bar (75 coins), Single Cheese Bar (30 coins) and Ketchup Splash (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

For a huge fan of pizza, this slot should be a good option, but only if you’re a fan. Top Game has so many slots that are very similar in betting, features and payouts, that you can afford to pick the one with the theme that appeals to you most.

The Crazy Pizza slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.