Diablo 13 Slots

Diablo-13Diablo 13 doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination with its name, you know exactly what you’re getting from it. As soon as you see it, you will spot the skulls, devil figures, bibles and the very big focus on the color red. It’s a devil themed slot machine, created by Top Game, which I’m sure will not be something that everyone will enjoy. Still, it’s a theme you don’t get to see that often, and if you don’t mind the subject chosen for it, it can be a decent title with a progressive jackpot.

The game is unusual not just because of its theme, but thanks to the number of paylines it offers as well. 13 of them can be activated each spin, the number of reels being a standard 5. The prizes are a mix of progressive jackpots and regular payouts, which go up to $39,000. The wild symbols, free spins, bonus games and scatters would be its main attractions if we’re talking about features.

Features of Diablo 13

Diablo 13’s best features would be the wild symbol, the bonus game with its Dungeon Treasure and the scatter symbol which gets you free spins.

A Haunted Castle is at the center of the action, one of the best features of Diablo 13. It’s the kind of castle where you can imagine Dracula living, with a red full moon visible behind it, tall stone walls and lots of bats flying around it. As this is a wild symbol, it will substitute for symbols that don’t have scatter or bonus features attached. The one time when this is even more useful is when it covers an entire line with five wilds. If you use a maximum bet at that time, you get the Monster Madness prize, a progressive jackpot.

Free Games Feature

The Fairy is another symbol with a bit of an extra role, acting as a scatter and triggering the free spins of the slot. It has to be present on all three reels where it is allowed, meaning on the 1st, 3rd and 5th ones. Get all three Fairies and you have 13 spins for free from Diablo 13.

Dungeon Treasure Bonus Game

The slot’s only bonus game will offer you prizes that depend on the number of bonus symbols that trigger it. You need 3 to 5 Sorcerer symbols on an active line, for this feature to start.

Three symbols gets you 30 to 150 bonus points. Four symbols will bring you a bonus game with prizes in the 150 to 750 range. Finally, with five Sorcerers you get 450 to 2250 bonus points.

Betting options and jackpots

With an unusual number of lines comes a betting system that uses a number of coins that is just as weird. A total of 13 coins can be selected each round, one per line. With denominations ranging from $0.01 to $3, the most you can bet is $39.

The game has its own prize to offer, of very good value, going up to $39,000 (13,000 coins). However, there is a progressive jackpot that can also be pursued, and it can be a high value target as well.

Design and symbols

While the design is appropriate for the theme that was chosen for it, it’s not good looking enough. Not to make it a title that you want to play because of the design alone anyway. There are all kinds of devil, demons and skulls on the reels, but there are some fantasy elements in there, the sorcerers and fairies being among them, and they don’t seem like they belong in this type of setting.

Symbols: Haunted Castle (wild), Fairy (scatter), Sorcerer (bonus), Pair of Eyes (13,000 coins), Books (1,000 coins), Red Bell (500 coins), Candle (300 coins), Black Cat (200 coins), Two Monsters (150 coins), Demon (100 coins) and Skulls (80 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an unusual game, with the theme being the main thing that will attract or keep people away. The progressive jackpot and the slot’s own top prize do contribute a lot to the game, and they will be part of the reason why people will want to at least try it out.

Diablo 13 can be found at any Top Game casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.