Diamonds Are Forever Slots

Diamonds-Are-ForeverDiamonds Are Forever is one of Top Game’s classic titles, a slot machine with 3 reels and a minimum number of features. The theme is somewhat diamond related, as the title suggests, but there are a lot of classic symbols as well in there, and a Seven is the one that gives away the big prize. The diamond/classic symbol mix is common enough to make us wish we’ve gotten something different from this particular title, especially since it seems relatively well put together.

A simple game, Diamonds are Forever gets 3 reels with 3 lines on them. This title also has one major feature, a wild symbol, with a top payout that is worth $30,000.

Features of Diamonds Are Forever

The slot’s only feature would be a wild symbol, a popular feature both in modern games and in classics that choose to offer players something extra.

As the wild symbol, the Blue 7 icon is very important. Add to that the fact that it awards the slot’s biggest prize, and you will understand why it’s miles ahead of the Diamond symbol, which should’ve been the star of the show. Whenever the 7 is on a line, it can be of help in a couple of ways. Ideally, you will get it to cover an entire line with three symbols, since this gives you one of the jackpots. However, if it can’t do that, you can still take advantage of it when it substitutes for other symbols, while appearing in one or two positions on the same line.

Betting options and jackpots

The game uses the standard betting system, which most 3 line titles will use, three coins of up to $5 being used to activate them all. The smallest denomination allowed for one coin is $0.01. Each coin you select activates another line, so you can use only some of them but both prizes and chances to win will be lower. The largest wager of the game is at $15.

A 6,000 coins jackpot is offered for a combo of three wilds on the 3rd line of the game, meaning up to $30,000. If it’s on the 2nd line, you get 3,000 coins, while the 1st line awards 1,000 coins.

Design and symbols

There is a very attractive dark blue design here, with graphics that are above average for the classic slot genre. I would’ve preferred a bigger focus on diamonds, and a smaller one on classic symbols, but even the latter are very well made in this game. Even though the reels are white, I don’t mind in this case, they offer a nice contrast to the dark blue of the rest of the screen.

Symbols: Blue 7 (wild, 6,000 coins), Diamond (200 coins), Three Bar (50 coins), Two Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Golden Bell (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a pretty normal slot machine, and it doesn’t stand out in a major way, in any area. I’d call it average, and recommend it only if you’re really bored. Otherwise, Top Game has a number of similar slot machines, but with better themes and designs.

This Diamonds Are Forever slot is offered by all online casinos with Top Game software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.