Douguie’s Delights Slots

Douguie's-DelightsDouguie’s Delights is a food themed slot machine, but it’s not just about any type of food. Its focus is on the type of food that you would be favored by people in the US. From hot dogs, to popcorn or sodas, there are a lot of fast food items that are typical for the United States. The US is in fact another big part of the game’s theme, the American flag being used in more than a few places, the logo and the background picture among them. It’s a very patriotic looking slot machine, so I’d say it’s a good fit for someone that’s actually feeling that way.

A 5 reel game, it has only 9 paylines that can be activated inside and it is created by Top Game. The slot’s features consist in bonus games, in free spins, scatter symbols and a wild. That’s about it for the features, but the attractions don’t stop there, the $50,000 top jackpot definitely being a good reason to try this slot out.

Features of Douguie’s Delights

A couple of typical slot features are offered in Douguie’s Delights as well, the wild symbol and the scatter among them, plus free spins and a bonus game.


They’ve used the United States flag for the wild symbol, called Old Glory by many. This wild symbol is able to substitute for a regular one, and it will do so as long as its position is the correct one, on a payline that is active. It also has to be together with a couple of regular icons of the same type, so it can take the same role as them and help them create that combo. What this wild doesn’t do, is it doesn’t substitute for the bonus or scatter symbols, and it doesn’t award payouts either.

Free Games Feature

The free spins don’t seem quite as satisfactory as they would in other slots, the reason being the fact that you only get 5 of them. You need only two symbols, scatters both, on the 1st and 5th reels. This symbol is represented by the Bald Eagle, another big symbol for Americans.

Bonus Game

Between 4 and 20 bonus points can be awarded through the slot’s only bonus game, and to trigger that one you need three symbols with Lady Liberty on them. The reels where these symbols need to appear at the same time are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones.

Betting options and jackpots

The line bet system is the same as in many other slots from Top Game, but the number of lines is smaller, so the total bets only reach $45. The line bet varies between $0.01 and $5, using a single coin no matter how big you want to make it within that range.

A 10,000 coins top jackpot is advertised, meaning a payout of up to $50,000, if the maximum line bet was in use that round.

Design and symbols

The game is a combination of food and US themes, offering many of the goodies that Americans love on its reels, while also using a generous amount of flag related imagery everywhere else. The logo is themed around that flag, there are US flags in the background picture, and then you have the betting area as well, colored in white, red and blue. The foods are all favorites in the United States, and there is some mention of sports that are specific to this country as well. It’s a good looking title, so if you actually have a connection to the US you might be able to appreciate it more than the regular player.

Symbols: Old Glory (wild), Lady Liberty (bonus), Bald Eagle (scatter), Baseball (10,000 coins), American Football (500 coins), Basketball (200 coins), Hamburger (200 coins), Pizza (150 coins), Hot Dog (150 coins), Popcorn (100 coins) and Soda (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is a lot of focus on US patriotism in this game, so it might not be for everyone, but there are a lot of delicious foods as well among its symbols, so I for one enjoyed spending some time on this slot. If you’re a US citizen and a patriot, definitely give it a shot.

The Douguie’s Delights slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.