Ducks ‘n Eggs Slots

Ducks 'n-EggsDucks ‘n Eggs is one of those funny slot machines, which are a pleasure to play, both visually attractive, funny and full of interesting features. Top Game is the developer that worked on this particular slot machine, and I for one am pretty satisfied with how it turned out. You’re not getting a modern game here, instead being funnier than anything else. The theme’s subject is indicated by the title of the game, using lots of different types of ducks and eggs as its symbols. There are even some mutant and alien ducks in there, which manage to just add to the quirkiness of the slot’s design.

This game gets 5 reels with an average 20 bet lines on them. As its features, you will discover the bonus game, free spins and scatter symbols, with wilds also being in there. A top prize of only $7,500 is up for grabs.

Features of Ducks ‘n Eggs

A couple of decent features have been implemented by the developers here, including a scatter symbol with free spins, a wild and a bonus game.

The Zombie Duck is the wild feature of the slot. As a wild, it is capable of substituting for other icons in the game, both ducks and eggs, as long as they don’t have their own features attached (doesn’t work with scatter or bonus icons). You also don’t get payouts directly from the wild, but since a single one is enough to make you a profit, you will be glad to see it appear on the reels.

Ducks 'n-Eggs-rules

Free Games Feature

The free spins aren’t that hard to trigger, since you only need three Alien Ducks to appear. Since they can show up in random positions, and still trigger these free spins, they are considered scatter symbols. You can receive a maximum of 25 spins for free, for 3 to 5 scattered Alien Ducks.

Bonus Game

The Frog symbol is the one that gets you inside the bonus game of this slot. Once again, 3+ symbols are needed, but they are not scatters here, so they can’t just appear in any random location. Instead, you need all of them on the same active line. The biggest amount you can walk away with when you play this bonus game is 13,800 bonus points.

It’s a fishing themed bonus game, where you get prizes for regular types of fish, while a piranha will end the bonus game.

Betting options and jackpots

You get a standard betting system, with 20 lines used that each get a single coin when they are activated. The value of that coin is the one that varies, in order to determine the line bet and the prizes that are offered based on it. It goes from $0.01 to $5, so the maximum bet is worth $100.

The 1,500 coins offered by the game in the best case scenario is worth up to $7,500 to the player.

Design and symbols

The funny design of Ducks ‘n Eggs is one of the best things about it. You’re going to be presented with a screen where the reels are placed on the surface of a pond. The eggs and the various ducks will appear as symbols on the pond’s surface, floating on the water. Each of the duck characters is designed in a caricature cartoon style, with features and heads that are way bigger than they should be. It’s a comedic design, which should be a fun experience.

Ducks 'n-Eggs-paytable

Symbols: Zombie Duck (wild), Alien Duck (scatter), Frog (bonus), Purple Duck (750 coins), Pink Duck (600 coins), Orange Duck (500 coins), Blue Duck (400 coins), Yellow Duck (250 coins), White Duck (200 coins), Ace Egg (150 coins), King Egg (100 coins), Queen Egg (80 coins) and Jack Egg (75 coins).

Ducks 'n-Eggs-paytable-2

Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, it’s worth playing, mostly thanks to the features and the graphics used in it, as the payouts are quite low. If nothing else, at least give it a few spins and see how it looks and feels, I bet you will be surprised.

The Ducks ‘n Eggs slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.