Fruit Slot 3 Lines Slots

Fruit-Slot-3-LinesFruit Slot 3 Lines is one of three classic slots from Top Game that have the same name, the difference being in the number of lines available, along with the different betting options and payouts. A fourth game exists, a modern title, but the ones that look the same are the classic ones. The theme is fruit based, though only three types exist, the rest of the symbols consisting in classic icons.

A 3 reel & 3 line slot machine, it gives away a $30,000 jackpot and has only one feature, a wild symbol.

Features of Fruit Slot 3 Lines

The one feature that is present in all the slots from this series, even the modern game, is the wild symbol. The Pineapple is the symbol used for it, and whenever you see it on the reels you should be happy. It can act as the substitute symbol, thus triggering new combinations when the right conditions are met, but it also has its own payouts to offer. You need 3 wilds together on the same line to get a big payout this way though. If you have only one or two wilds, you need the rest of the line to be filled with 1-2 matching icons.

Betting options and jackpots

All the lines of Fruit Slot can be used, and the only thing you need to activate them is one coin. A total of three coins are selected this way, with their value being up to $5, while the total is at $15. The smallest denomination is $0.01.

You can win 6,000 coins if you win the jackpot on the 3rd line of the game, while the 2nd line gets you 3,000 coins and the 1st line is worth 1,000 coins. The only way to unlock the 3rd line and get a chance at that prize is by using all three coins in your wager. $30,000 is the maximum value of that prize.

Design and symbols

With a couple of hand drawn fruits, with Bar icons and a green background picture that has fruits on it, the 3 Lines version of Fruit Slot is pretty much the same as the other classic titles. There is a little bit more space allocated to the paytable, adding information on the wild symbol and what it can do, plus there are three lines that can get the top jackpot, each one with its own value. It’s not a bad looking game, it’s actually much better than the average of the industry, but that doesn’t make it a slot you will want to spend a lot of time with.

Symbols: Pineapple (6,000 coins, wild), Kiwi (200 coins), Three Bar (50 coins), Two Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Cherries (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s like all the other Fruit Slot classic slots, so go with the one you prefer based on the number of available paylines. The gameplay experience is only a bit different in each case and the graphics and top payouts are identical.

This Fruit Slot 3 Lines slot is offered by all online casinos with Top Game software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.