Happy Circus Slots

Happy-CircusHappy Circus is a very colorful and happy looking slot machine, just like you would expect from a title that is based on the action which takes place in a circus. With lots of trained wild animals doing tricks, and with funny looking characters and graphics, Happy Circus does indeed put a smile on your face. The ones responsible for this title are the guys from Top Game, a relatively small developer.

All the animals and performers that you remember seeing at the circus appear as symbols on the 25 lines and 5 reels of Happy Circus. Some of them have some extra roles, being wilds or scatters, or triggering bonus features or free games. You can win $40,000 by playing and placing bets in this slot machine.

Features of Happy Circus

As features, Top Game used a wild symbol, a scatter that can get you the free spins and a bonus game. They’re all normal for slot machines in general, and Top Game uses this combo of features in many of their modern titles.

The Clown wild is one of the most important symbols that the game can have. The reason is the substitution ability that can be so useful, and that’s about the only thing it brings to the table. It doesn’t award its own prizes, which is something that is possible in a lot of other titles, but at least you’re going to get more prizes in the long run with its help, than you would’ve gotten if it didn’t appear. It’s only going to be useful when the regular icons are concerned, as the scatters and bonus symbols don’t normally get help from it.


Free Games Feature

With the Big Top scatter symbol in view at least three times, you’re getting as many as 20 free spins started. That’s only for the maximum number of scatters, which is 5. For 4 scatters you get 15 spins, while 3 will get you 10 free spins.

Hidden Secrets Bonus Game

In order to get the Hidden Secrets feature, you need to form a combo of 3 to 5 Magician symbols, on an active line and starting from the first reel. The payouts depend on how many symbols were part of that combination, the biggest possible value being at 3,250 bonus points.

Betting options and jackpots

Top Game tends to use the same betting system in most slots they create, allowing for single coin wagers for each line, but giving a range for them that goes from $0.01 to $5. Since the line wager stops at $5, the total amount changes with the number of active lines, in this case going up to $125 since 25 of them are covered.

The biggest reward the game promises you is worth 8,000 coins, meaning a cash value of $40,000.

Design and symbols

It’s a very happy looking slot machine, and there are a few different things contributing to it. Besides the show aspect, with the wild animals doing tricks, you also have some human performers on the reels, and playing cards with lots of stars of different colors around them. The game uses a lot of bright colors and a drawing style that is funny on its own. As you would expect, the action takes place inside of the circus tent, while the betting options take the form of platforms and balls that would be used as part of the tricks done by the animals.

Symbols: Clown (wild), Magician (bonus), Big Top (scatter), Strong Man (8,000 coins), Acrobat (3,000 coins), Lion (1,500 coins), Parade Horse (500 coins), Elephant (250 coins), Ace (100 coins), King (80 coins), Queen (60 coins), Jack (40 coins) and 10 (20 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Its funny design will make this a good choice for anyone that wants to be entertained as well, and it should be a relaxing way to spend a few hours, especially for someone with very good memories at the circus. If you’re not a particular fan of clowns, beware, this slot has them.

The Happy Circus slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.