Lady of the Moon Slots

Lady-of-the-MoonLady of the Moon is one of the few truly unique slot machines that you can see lately. Many good topics have been done at least two or three times, but here we have a Chinese themed game that focuses on an ancient legend of this country. Top Game chose in this case a story about how the Sun and the Moon came to be, where a hero archer is asked to take down nine of the ten suns that are on the sky, leaving only one. His reward is an herb of immortality that is eaten by his wife, and the result is that she floats up to the moon and remains there for all time, under the name Lady of the Moon.

With 5 reels and 13 win lines, it has an unusual layout, but the features are quite normal and include bonus games, free spins, a scatter symbol and a wild. The rewards are quite generous, reaching a top value of $65,000.

Features of Lady of the Moon

Part of Lady of the Moon’s arsenal you will find a wild symbol, a scatter which triggers free spins and a bonus icon which brings you a special feature which is theme related.

An image of the Full Moon is shown in the symbol which takes the role of the wild feature. It’s the only one of its kind, a symbol which can take the place of another if that gets you a new combination, though there are still some requirements that have to be met. The wild can only be useful if it appears on the right payline and in the position where it’s needed, with the rest of the required symbols in place around it. Wilds can’t substitute for bonus or scatter symbols.

Free Games Feature

The slot offers 13 free spins, which you can trigger with help from a scatter symbol. Showing the image of a tree, it is allowed to appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. You need it present on all three in order to get the free spins.

Bonus Game

There is a bonus game of sorts as well inside. It asks for three or more bonus symbols (the tree leaves) to appear on an active line, and if that happens it gives you access to the bonus game and its wins of up to 3,300 bonus points.

The bonus feature asks you to pick one of the two sides of the same woman, the Earth version called Tschang O, or the Lady of the Moon, what she became once she ate the herb of immortality.

Betting options and jackpots

The bets aren’t overly complicated, requiring 1 to 13 coins to activate a similar number of paylines. The only way to change the line bet is by modifying the coin value, which goes from $0.01 to $5. The resulting maximum bet in this game is at $65.

Rewards of up to 13,000 coins are offered in Lady of the Moon, their value going up to $65,000. It’s a very good return on your investment if you get it, while most games will offer less than 10,000x.

Design and symbols

Top Game really outdone themselves with Lady of the Moon. It’s a beautiful game, very elegant and using a lot of decorations, paintings and objects of Chinese origin. It’s one of the better looking games with a Chinese inspired theme that I’ve saw, and it helps quite a bit that everything you see has a connection with this country or with the legend that is told. There are no standard icons here, no playing cards.


Symbols: Full Moon (wild), Tree (scatter), Leaves (bonus), Tschang O (13,000 coins), Archer (1,000 coins), Warrior (500 coins), Bunny (300 coins), Sword (200 coins), Bow and arrows (150 coins), Axe (100 coins) and Bowl (80 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I think you will find it an interesting game, with beautiful graphics and high payouts, not to mention the full collection of features that modern games tend to have.

This Lady of the Moon slot is offered by all online casinos with Topgame software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.