Orbital Mining Slots

Orbital-MiningOrbital Mining is a science fiction themed slot machine, created by Top Game and with action that seems to be taking place at some point in the future, involving aliens, androids and highly valuable metals and minerals that are extracted from an asteroid field. It’s got the kind of design that I want to see more often in modern slot machines, very nice to look at and giving players exactly what they’re looking for in a title with this kind of theme.

The bets you place in Orbital Mining will be on up to 25 bet lines. This 5 reel slot has bonus games, scatters and wilds for features, with the best prize being worth $12,500.

Features of Orbital Mining

Two feature symbols are found in Orbital Mining, a scatter and a wild, with the former being responsible for the start of the free spins round and their multiplier.

One of the coolest symbols of the game is the Space Guardian, an armored soldier that was also selected to take the role of a wild in Orbital Mining. Acting as a wild, it substitutes for symbols that have no scatter ability, and it will be useful as you keep playing, since it makes the game more profitable in the long run. It doesn’t give away prizes directly though, not in this game anyway.

The Atomic symbol is the scatter and it has its own roles to play. I’d say that it’s even more important than the wild symbol, since it can both give away prizes and triggers the free spins. The prizes it offers depend on the size of the wager and on the total number of scatters, with the minimum being 2x the value of the bet, offered for 2 symbols. The maximum prize is at 100x the bet and is offered when five scatters are on the reels.

Smuggled Goods Scan Bonus Game

The same scatter symbol triggers the bonus game, which requires 3+ symbols with the Atomic logo. This bonus feature gives you up to 33 spins for free and multipliers of 6x, making it by far the best thing that this slot has to offer. You can also retrigger the free spins multiple times, the same requirements being in place for that to happen.


Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range in Orbital Mining is between $0.01 and $125, where the minimum is also the smallest denomination of one coin, while the maximum is the equivalent of 25 coins at $5 each.

The scatter symbol gets you the best prize, with its 100x multiplier applied to the total bet, so you can take home $12,500 this way. The alternative is the 500x prize offered by a regular combination of symbols, meaning up to $2,500. The free spins do have multipliers of up to 6x, so that prize could go higher, to $15,000, but the odds are quite low.

Design and symbols

The high tech design of Orbital Mining is a big part of the reason why I enjoyed playing this slot so much. It’s got a definite science fiction vibe to it, as it should be since the action takes place in the future. The mix of armored soldiers, alien humanoids and androids that are part of the paytable contributes as well to the design in a very good way. A planet’s orbit is behind the reels, and presumably some orbital mining is indeed taking place there.

Symbols: Space Guardian (wild), Atomic Logo (100x the wager, scatter), Android Max (500 coins), Orange Woman (250 coins), Blue Woman (200 coins), Red Woman (125 coins), Purple Woman (125 coins), Actinium Ore (100 coins), Gold Ore (100 coins), Green Ore (75 coins), Red Ore (75 coins) and Blue Ore (75 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s the perfect slot for someone like me, a fan of science fiction that doesn’t see this kind of theme approached often enough. Orbital mining is something I haven’t seen approached before either, so it’s even better. The graphics are gorgeous, modern and futuristic as they should be. The prizes are the only ones that are lower than I expected.

The Orbital Mining slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.