Quest for the Minotaur Slots

Quest-for-the-MinotaurTop Game takes a jump into Ancient Greek mythology with Quest for the Minotaur. Besides the various other characters and creatures which you will see among its symbols, you will also find the Minotaur, which is described by the legends as a creature which has a man’s body, but a bull’s head. It’s a pretty dangerous looking creature, but it’s not alone on the reels, with the playing cards being replaced here with images of various other animals and creatures that the legends mention.

Those that try out Quest for the Minotaur will be required to place their wagers on up to 20 bet lines and then spin its 5 reels. Besides regular combinations, some paying as much as $25,000, you can expect to encounter free spins, bonus games, a scatter symbol and a wild.

Features of Quest for the Minotaur

While playing this game, you will get a bonus game called Labyrinth Escape, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers and wilds. They’re all good features to get, but they’re also common in slot machines, so they will not surprise you.

The Minotaur can be seen in a couple of symbols, but to find the wild simply look for the one where you see only its shadow in the dark and a pair of red eyes. That’s the symbol that both gives away the biggest payout that is available in this game, and also acts as a substitute and hopefully it will get you more winning combinations of lower value as well. The prizes offered by wilds that form their own combinations vary between 20 and 5,000x, depending on the number of symbols which are part of it. While used as wilds, these symbols are not allowed to substitute for bonus or scatter symbols.

Free Games Feature

Landing at least three scatter symbols with the Clew on them will get you the free spins, but you get some impressive multipliers as well. The value of the multiplier starts at 3x if you had three triggering symbols, goes to 5x if there were four, and to 10x if five symbols acted as triggers for this feature. A 10x multiplier is obviously going to be incredibly useful.

Labyrinth Escape

This is the slot’s only bonus game, which has its own symbol that can trigger it. Whenever you get at least three symbols with a Chest in them, you get access to this bonus game, which offers rewards that go as high as 2,300 bonus points.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system seems to be a favorite for Top Game developers, taking the line bet from $0.01 to $5, and using a single coin for each one. With the 20 lines all getting the maximum wager, you can spend $100 on a single round.

Top rewards that you can expect in this game will reach a $25,000 maximum value, meaning about 5,000 coins.

Design and symbols

Inspired by Greek mythology, Quest for the Minotaur has all sorts of creatures on its reels that were also part of those stories. From the minotaurs, to the gryphon, Pegasus or various other animals that were part of those legends, they are all present and they are accompanied by heroes and kings of those times. The look is spot on for a game that takes inspiration from Ancient Greece, but they also managed to make it look royal.


Symbols: Shadow (wild, 5,000 coins), Clew (scatter), Chest (bonus), Minotaur (1,000 coins), Greek Lady (500 coins), Greek Soldier (400 coins), Greek Ruler (300 coins), Gryphon (200 coins), Pegasus (200 coins), Ram (100 coins), Pig (100 coins) and Antelope (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very well made game, with adequate payouts and a mix of features that combines all the major options that you could want.

The Quest for the Minotaur slot machine is offered through the Topgame platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.