Red Chili Hunter Slots

Red-Chili-HunterRed Chili Hunter is one of Top Game’s classic slots, one of the many that they offer. All these classic slots tend to be the same feature and payout wise, the only thing that’s changing from one to the next is the design and the theme. The theme here is Mexican related, with sombreros, chili peppers and cactus plants all being on the reels, together with a yellow desert like design used everywhere else on the screen.

A 3 reel classic, Red Chili Hunter gets 5 paylines, which is the most a game like this can have. The wild symbol is its only feature and the top jackpot is worth $30,000.

Features of Red Chili Hunter

The slot’s only feature is the wild symbol, which seems to be in all the classic slots from Top Game.

Taking the form of the Chili Pepper, the wild symbol offers both the top jackpot when combinations of its own are formed, and it assists you with other combinations when only one or two of them are on a payline. It uses the other symbols on the payline as well, taking their role in order to assist them with their win line formation. It can substitute for any other symbol, since there are no other special features here. It’s not a bad feature to have, even though old classics had no such thing, so the game doesn’t follow the original recipe exactly.

Betting options and jackpots

The line wager goes from $0.01 to $5, depending on how the player wants to play. With 5 lines available, you can bet up to $25 per spin.

Each of the five lines gives you a different reward for the same combo of three Red Chili Peppers. The most you can win is from the 5th line, which awards 6,000 coins/$30,000. The other four give you 1,000 to 4,000 coins.

Design and symbols

There is a lot of yellow in the design of Red Chili Hunter, suggesting the presence of the desert in this game. You can see it in some of the symbols, in the logo area and in the paytable, with a bit of black color being used in a few places, providing a much needed contrast. The symbols are mostly appropriate for the topic, but a couple of classic Bar symbols were also used.

Symbols: Red Chili (wild, 6,000 coins), Sombrero (200 coins), Three Bar (50 coins), Two Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Cactus (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an enjoyable slot, especially for a classic, but it doesn’t stand out in any major way. There are over a dozen other themes with the same exact action in Top Game’s game catalogue, so you can go for the one whose design you enjoy most.

You will find Red Chili Hunter at any online casino which chooses to use software from Top Game, playable either for free or for real money.