Red White Blue 3 Lines Slots

Red-White-Blue-3-LinesThe 3 Lines version of Red White Blue is obviously a game with 3 paylines. It was created by Top Game, part of their series of Red White Blue classic slots, all of them providing the same graphics and 3 reels, but using between 1 and 5 paylines on them. This particular version gets a progressive jackpot as well, so I can see a real difference in what it has to offer compared with the 1 line title, and I’d definitely go for this one instead.

It has 3 reels with 3 lines on them, plus a wild symbol as the one feature it brings with it. The $15,000 of the top jackpot should be at least a decent incentive to try it out, but they’ve added a progressive jackpot as well to it.

Features of Red White Blue 3 Lines

As with any other slot machine in the classic category that Top Game has ever designed, a wild feature is present and it is also the symbol that will give out the biggest prize there is. When it can’t trigger its own jackpots and progressive prizes, the wild can be used with just one or two of its symbols on an active line. Used as a substitute for missing symbols, a combo will form if the other symbols on that line are of the same type.

Betting options and jackpots

When you get three lines to bet on, you get three coins as well that you can use. You can select a denomination for these coins that goes up to $5, no more. The total would be $15 in that case.

A one coin bet can give you 1,000 coins at best, while two coins gets you up to 3,000 coins/$15,000. The three coin wager is the best one though, offering you a chance at a progressive jackpot, for the right combo of symbols forming on the third line.

Design and symbols

Old Glory, as the US flag is sometimes affectionately called, is the focus of the slot’s design. The background picture is the one where it’s most visible, with the logo‘s words using the three colors that are mentioned by it, but it was also used in some of the symbols and in the paytable section. They haven’t used any special symbols here though, all of them being classics with Bar and Sevens among them.

Symbols: US Flag Seven (progressive jackpot, wild), Blue 7 (200 coins), Triple Bar (50 coins), Double Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and White 7 (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Since it has a progressive jackpot that it offers to its players, it’s a better choice than the 1 line version, the only one of the three slots that doesn’t have that kind of prize.

This Red White Blue 3 Lines slot is offered by all online casinos with Top Game software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.