Treasure of Pharaohs 1 Line Slots

Treasure-of-Pharaohs-1-LineThe classic Treasure of Pharaohs we’re going to review here is one of three slot machines with 3 reels that have the same title, with a fourth game having 15 lines and a modern layout. The developer that created this series is called Top Game, and they’re known for this type of collection of similar games that have a different number of lines to offer. The theme is Ancient Egypt, hardly an original choice, but it’s not as common among classic slot machines as it is in the modern slot category.

You get the absolute minimum number of lines, meaning 1, on a classic 3 reel setup. A wild symbol constitutes its only feature and the top prize is a standard $30,000, which most 3 reel titles from Top Game will offer.

Features of Treasure of Pharaohs 1 Line

The slot’s one major feature is the wild symbol, the one that all 3 reel titles from Top Game seem to get.

A Gold Coin symbol is both the wild and the slot’s best paying combination, depending on how many of them you get on that one line. Get a maximum of two Gold Coins, and the effect will be that you form a combination with a regular symbol in the third position. Get all three positions with wilds on them, and the payout that is offered by the game goes up to 6,000 coins. The wild can substitute for any other symbol in this game, no exceptions.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting options allow you to choose how many coins that line should get from your wager, the range being 1 to 3. You also get to pick the denomination, between $0.01 and $5, so the bets will get up to $15.

The payout depends on the number of coins selected for the wager, where the best payout of 6,000 coins is awarded when three coins are used. As for the value, it gets up to $30,000.

Design and symbols

The yellow of the North African desert, combined with the same color from the walls of the pyramid, manage to create an interesting effect, and I’d say that the design of the classic version is about average for this category, while the modern title didn’t even qualify for that range. The symbols are part classics, part themed symbols. If you compare it with a true classic title, Treasure of Pharaohs comes out ahead without a doubt.

Symbols: Hand-crafted coin (6,000 coins, wild), Bracelet (600 coins), Triple Bar (150 coins), Double Bar (75 coins), Single Bar (30 coins) and Scarab Amulet (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

You get a pretty decent slot from Treasure of Pharaohs, even with the common theme that was chosen for it. It’s not the only 1 line slot with the exact same payouts and features, so don’t pick this one unless you really do enjoy how it looks like.

Treasure of Pharaohs 1 Line can be found at any Top Game casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.