Wild Sevens 5 Lines Slots

Wild-Sevens-5-LinesTop Game is the creator of the Wild Sevens series, and here we have 5 Lines, one of the three classic titles that are part of it. Just like before, you have the graphics that the other two slots got you used to, but the number of lines has increased and the betting system changed as well in order to accommodate them. The classic design actually looks good in this case, which almost seemed impossible after seeing so many ugly slot machines that had a similar theme.

The third and final game from the Wild Sevens series has 5 lines, the most out of the three 3 reel slots that are part of it. Its payout is the same $30,000, with the features bringing you only a wild.

Features of Wild Sevens 5 Lines

The name Wild Seven doesn’t stand just for the title of the game, being used for the main symbol as well. It’s both a Seven symbol and it has the ability of a wild, so it’s going to be part of lots of different combinations, as it substitutes for missing symbols and completes lines when its appearance is in the right place. What you will really love about it though is going to be the prizes that it awards on its own, not the secondary ones that it contributes to. Three wilds will be enough to trigger the top jackpot, though in order to get the most out of it you need a five coin wager and the combination has to appear on the 5th line.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to get a chance at the slot’s top prize if you use all 5 coins, since the 5th line is the one holding the biggest value. These coins can be worth $5 each one, or they can be as low as $0.01. The wagers reach $25 at their highest.

If you do spend up to $25 per spin, you get a chance to win up to $30,000, if you get the right combo on the 5th line, which would result in a 6,000 coins prize.

Design and symbols

The classic theme, which borrows from the symbols that were common in old pub slots, is nothing new, being one of the most popular choices for 3 reel slot machines. However, Wild Sevens does it better than you would expect, many others managing to look just as bad as the games they were inspired by. You get all kinds of fruits, well polished symbols and just the right amount of red, all in all a great effort from Top Game.

Symbols: Wild Seven (6,000 coins, wild), Golden Bell (200 coins), Three Bars (50 coins), Two Bar (25 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Cherries (5 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

While this version has the most lines and the biggest wager requirements, it has more chances to win a prize as well. The top payouts and the features remain the same.

The Wild Sevens 5 Lines slot machine is offered through the Top Game platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.