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  • American Gaming Association Announces New Board Members

American Gaming Association Announces New Board Members

Gaming and gambling advocate group the American Gaming Association (AGA) has announced the details of six new entities that will be joining the AGA’s board.

The new board members include some big industry names, with representatives from CG Technology, Konami Gaming and William Hill amongst those that are coming aboard.

Additionally, the AGA has also announced that three new general members will be joining the organisation, as part of a new member structure which has been put in place after receiving the approval of the previous board in late 2014.

These new additions to the American Gaming Association will see their official numbers grow to 27 core members, along with 44 allied members.

American Gaming Association

Based in Washington, D.C., the American Gaming Association was founded in 1994 and is an advocacy group which is interested in the education and promotion of the interests of its members and of that of the American gaming and gambling fraternity.

The first president of the AGA was Farnk Fahrenkopf, who had previously served as a chairman of the United States Republican Party.

Fahrenkopf held the position of the president of the American Gaming Association up until his retirement in 2013, at which time Geoff Freeman from the U.S. Travel Association was chosen as his replacement by the board of the AGA.

New Board , New Members And A New Strategy

Representatives of Greenwood Racing, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and Seminole Hard Rock Gaming are the other new members to join the AGA board, along with the aforementioned CG Technology, Konami and William Hill.

The three new entities that have come on-board as general members are Ainsworth Game Technology, Electronic Transaction Systems and FinScan.

After a year of sustained pressure in the United States from anti-gaming forces, the AGA saw the need to be more unified and inclusive in their actions.

As such the president of the AGA Geoff Freeman has introduced a number of initiatives aiming at bring the United States gaming world together, and to not only bolster the AGA’s numbers, but also to increase its overall effectiveness.