Admirals Inn Slots

Admirals-InnAdmirals Inn doesn’t make any effort to pretend it’s anything other than a classic slot machine, but at least it has a design that doesn’t look quite like the one you’d expect from such a title. The reels and the single payline that is in use will tell you exactly the kind of slot you’re getting, while the graphics will be inspired by the sailors from a couple of hundred years ago, when sail ships were still in heavy use. The game looks almost elegant if you consider its symbols and the general graphics, though it does offer two classic icons as well, in addition to the seven that are themed.

With 3 reels and 1 line, it’s quite clear what kind of game Admirals Inn is. There are no features inside, but there are payouts with values of up to $15,000.

Features of Admirals Inn

You don’t get any features in Admirals Inn, which is one of the things I appreciated about it. It doesn’t try to offer the best of both worlds, it just gives you a classic experience, but with a modern design. It doesn’t include bonus games, wilds or scatter symbols, though there is one icon that pays no matter where it shows up with one symbol, so that might be classified as such a feature.

To get paid in Admirals Inn, you need to land three matching icons on the slot’s only payline.

Betting options and jackpots

The game requires that you use up to three coins, but you can decide for yourself how many you will include in the wager. A single line is used by the game, no matter how many coins are part of the bet. The denomination of a single coin varies between $0.01 and $10, so you can wager up to $30 on a single spin.

The rewards you can take home depend on the kind of wager that you made. With three coins used, you can take home up to 1,500 coins. The value of that prize will be up to $15,000.

Design and symbols

The design in Admirals Inn does look the part, and it’s inspired by sailors from the Medieval Ages apparently. The background picture shows off the masts of a couple of sail ships, with a dark sky behind them. The reels are occupied by symbols that look like they are hand drawn, all of them using a red color that somehow makes the design even better. The same red color is visible in the background of the paytable, though white is also mixed in and gives you a decent contrast.

Symbols: Anchor (1,500 coins), Ship’s Wheel (150 coins), Shark (90 coins), Window (60 coins), Moon (60 coins), Package (30 coins), Two Bar (30 coins), One Bar (15 coins) and Book (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a game for fans of the simpler gameplay style, which involves no features, but which in this case at least has some decent graphics to offer.

This Admirals Inn slot is offered by all online casinos with WGS software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.