Agent Cash Slots

Agent-cashAgent Cash is the kind of slot that will remind you of James Bond, a theme that is sometimes chosen by developers, without actually mentioning the name of the great super spy that inspired them. Here, this spy is called Agent Cash and the action on the reels is the kind you would expect, involving beautiful women, fast cars and weapons of all kinds, nuclear missiles included. The designer behind this particular slot machine is called Wager Gaming.

Up to 30 paylines may be activated during each spin of the slot’s 5 reels. The game will give you both regular symbols and features with wild or scatter abilities, activating bonus games and free spins. The most impressive part of the game would be its top jackpot, worth $100,000 in the right conditions.

Features of Agent Cash

The features in Agent Cash are a mix of free spins that are triggered through a bonus game and wild symbols.

The wild part of the feature section is taken by the fast car, a Mustang muscle car that will also offer its own prizes when it manages to create combinations of three to five wilds. The rest of the time, the wild symbol will substitute for the regular symbols, two exceptions being the bonus symbol and the jackpot symbol. When it takes the place of such a symbol, the wild does it because it will trigger the formation of a brand new combination, as it takes the same role as other matching symbols on the same line. If those other symbols are not in place, the wild is not able to help out.


Sometimes you can get randomly triggered Vertical Wilds as well, but only in rounds where the jackpot or bonus symbols don’t show up on the 3rd reel. If that condition is met, then you can get 1 to 5 wild reels during a round.

Bonus Game

A bonus game is offered, the kind that can give you free spins, cash prizes or even a second try. You make some picks and you get the prizes I mentioned. The start of this bonus round is triggered by three Blonde Girl symbols, which appears in any position on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels simultaneously.

If you win the free spins, you get 8 rounds that don’t cost you anything, at the same wager size as the original. Besides the free spins, you also receive 1x the bet as a small prize.

Free Spin symbols appear for the duration, and if you have 3+ on the reels you can re-trigger the feature.

Another part of the free spins is the Exploding Wild symbol, reserved for the 3rd reel and capable of turning 2 to 15 symbols from the reels. It gives you a second chance at a prize, since the slot recalculates the wins after these changes are made, giving away a second payout.

Betting options and jackpots

You can select coins with a value between $0.01 and $10, one of them being enough to activate a single payline. Activate all 30 lines, and you use 30 coins, their maximum value being $300.

The slot’s jackpot is at 10,000 coins, so if you do some quick math you will notice that with a $10 denomination that means up to $100,000 cash for the player.

Design and symbols

The design is done in a cartoon manner, making it look like it’s either taken from a cartoon TV series, or from a comic book. The images are mostly of characters from the story, in different poses, with good guys, bad guys and dangerous women among them. A couple of weapons or car related symbols also exist though. I didn’t quite get the chance to put myself in Agent Cash’s shoes, so it doesn’t spark the player’s imagination as it should be.

Symbols: Villain Jackpot (10,000 coins), Ford Mustang (wild, 1,250 coins), Blonde Lady (bonus), Agent Cash (800 coins), Spy (400 coins), Armed Lady (250 coins), Sports Car (200 coins), Handgun (150 coins), Villain with sunglasses (150 coins), Blueprints (100 coins) and Missile (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say it is, mostly because of the above average top payout which crosses into six figure territory. The features and graphics aren’t bad either though, so they’re definitely not reasons to walk away from it.

Agent Cash can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.