Alien Invasion Slots

Alien-InvasionAlien Invasion has a science fiction theme, like few other classic slots do, with the action revolving around the invasion of some weird looking alien creatures, and the defense mounted by the humans. Wager Gaming created this wonderful slot machine, making it quite a different experience from the typical 3 reel game, with pretty good graphics and with enough features for this kind of title.

Despite the fact that it’s a classic, with 3 reels plus 1 payline, the game offers a very good feature to its players, consisting in a wild symbol with multiplier attached. Add a $20,000 jackpot to sweeten the deal further, and you have a pretty good game to try out.

Features of Alien Invasion

While only one feature was used in the game, a wild symbol, a multiplier was added to its original substitution power, so it’s very useful to have around.

The Laser Gun got the role of the wild symbol, so whenever it’s part of a line where other matching symbols are in place, you get a winning combo thanks to it. It will take the same role as the other matching icons and you will get a prize that is worth twice as much as usual, the blame for the increased payout going to the wild’s 2x multiplier. It gets even easier when two wilds are on a line, since you only need one other symbol to be there in order for the prize to be awarded. The ideal situation is the one where the wild takes over all three positions though, since at that point you would win the top jackpot of this slot.

Betting options and jackpots

The use of one to three coins for one payline is a normal strategy for many slot machines of this type. The player decides both the denomination and the number of coins to be selected, and the payouts depend on both. Coins start at $0.01 and reach $10 at their highest value, with the wagers going up to $30.

You are going to get a bonus amount when you win the top jackpot, if you’ve been using all three coins in your bets. It’s a good idea to select them all when you can, it’s worth it if the 2,000 coins of the jackpot are ever awarded to you ($20,000 cash). With two coins wagered instead of three, the payout drops to 1,000 coins ($10,000).

Design and symbols

The action in Alien Invasion seems to take place on some kind of asteroid, in orbit of a ringed planet. You see our armed space marine in the right corner, while a slimy alien creature with a huge mouth and no visible eyes is placed on the left. The reels and their sci-fi related images are in the middle. The game looks a lot better than your typical slot machine that has three reels, and it shows that it’s a modern interpretation of the genre.

Symbols: Laser Gun (2,000 coins, wild), Blue Fighter (300 coins), Galaxy (150 coins), Ringed Planet (75 coins), Octopus Alien (30 coins), Mouth Alien (24 coins) and Tripod Alien (12 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I’ve found it to be a lot of fun, with decent payouts offered by its symbols and with very good graphics. I’ve enjoyed my time with it, so I’d say you should give it a shot as well.

This Alien Invasion slot is offered by all online casinos with Wager Gaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.