Big Time Slots

Big-TimeBig Time’s message seems to be connected with some guy’s rise to fame, a rapper by the looks of it, which now owns stacks of money, big SUVs and there is the obligatory babe around as well. The cuffs and the police helicopter aren’t missing either, so I’d say it’s not exactly the life that most of us are dreaming about having. Still, Wager Gaming decided to go with a theme that isn’t that well covered, and I for one haven’t seen other slots with this exact topic before.

In Big Time, you get 25 paylines and they all appear as part of the slot’s 5 reels. The game has for features a combination of bonus games, scatters and wilds, with the result of the bonus round consisting in free spins and multipliers. A $100,000 top jackpot is offered by it.

Features of Big Time

There are a couple of typical features for a modern slot machine, with a scatter and a wild responsible for starting them out. The rest of the features are the free spins and the multipliers.

The Homie, a guy in a red hoodie that has bling jewelry around his neck, seems to be the hero of Big Time. Based on the jackpot that he’s offering, it certainly seems like he got where he wanted in life. He is the one that is used as the wild element of the game, the only one that can substitute for another symbol and from time to time assisting you with a new combination’s formation. The substitution only takes place when the wild is located in the right position, which means that the payline it is on needs to have the rest of the symbols that will form the combination. When that happens, the prize awarded thanks to the wild will double in value, the 2x multiplier attached being to blame for it. The prize that the wild offers with its own symbols, with up to five of them on a line, is the biggest one available in this slot.


Another good way to get a decent prize is by having multiple scatter symbols on the screen. They award up to 150x the wager when you have up to five of them, and what’s great about them is that their exact location on the reels isn’t important. It only matters how many of them exist, the smallest payout being offered for just two scatters.

Bounce Off Bonus Game

The bonus game gets started whenever the scatter symbol is present in a minimum of three locations on the reels. Whenever that happens, you get to create your own dream ride, by picking things like mirrors, the paint job and the rims to be used. Each pick you make gets you a number of free spins. Next, the multipliers are awarded, at random and by getting the car to bounce when the music starts. Once the bonus game is done, the free spins can begin.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system is pretty standard for a 25 line game, allowing for up to 25 coins to be selected in the bets. Each of these coins goes up to $10 in value, with the starting point being at only $0.01. You end up with wagers that go as high as $250.

As for the slot’s jackpot, you can walk away with a 10,000 coins prize, which means $100,000 at most.

Design and symbols

Considering the theme that was approached in Big Time, the design is quite appropriate. It reminds me of the graphics from a video game called Grand Theft Auto, which if I would have to guess I’d say it was used for inspiration for this particular slot machine. You get only themed symbols and they seem to be well chosen and designed. Things like the boom box belong in the 90s, not right now, but the game will be a fun way to spend some time for a lot of people nonetheless.

Symbols: Homie (10,000 coins, wild), Logo (scatter, 150x the wager), Sexy Girl (2,000 coins), SUV (1,000 coins), Helicopter (500 coins), Bike (500 coins), Dog (250 coins), Cash (250 coins), Cellphone (150 coins), Boom Box (150 coins), Handcuffs (100 coins) and Spray (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The theme is unusual enough, yet it has plenty of fans out there, so I’d say it’s worth a shot if you’re one of them. It’s well handled, both graphics and feature wise, and I definitely can’t complain about its top jackpot.

The Big Time slot machine is offered through the Wager Gaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.