Blue Lagoon Slots

Blue-LagoonIf you’re looking for unusual classic slots, there aren’t that many that would qualify as such, but Blue Lagoon would definitely be one of them. Though offering a classic number of reels and lines (3 with 1), the game offers about four types of symbols, but only one of them pays you anything. The theme is an underwater one, with seahorses, shells, starfish and other images like this.

While playing Blue Lagoon, you will notice that the game has 3 reels, a single payline, and that there are no features to be seen inside. It might be rather boring in that way, but it can offer top payouts of $25,000.

Features of Blue Lagoon

The unusual part about this game is that it doesn’t seem to take into consideration most of the symbols on its reels. To get paid, all you need is a symbol with a shell. This symbol can pay you by appearing in any position, acting as a bit of a scatter in that regard, but for the best possible payouts you will need it to land with three icons on the only payline of the slot.

The payouts that you can get from this only symbol, when it forms a combo, will vary depending on how big the bet is. Up to 2,500 coins can be won, the value going up to $25,000 for them.

Betting options and jackpots

You have one payline to work with in Blue Lagoon, but the developer allowed you to use up to five coins when the bet is made. Each of those five coins can have values of up to $10, with the minimum amount being $0.01. You can spend $50 on a single round.

The rewards in Blue Lagoon get to a maximum value of $25,000, which would be in exchange for 2,500 coins. All five coins would need to be used to get there, at maximum value.

Design and symbols

The design of Blue Lagoon does use a certain shade of blue that seems to fit its theme choice very well. It’s used for the background image, simulating the look of the water in a lagoon, a very attractive shade of blue that looks almost green. The reels are in their usual position, on the left side, while the paytable is placed on the right. White and red are another two important colors in this game. The only symbol that the game seems to consider is that Shell.

Symbols: Shell (2,500 coins), Seahorse and Starfish.

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s unusual enough, but that shouldn’t deter you, not if you’re bored already with the other classic titles.

You will find Blue Lagoon at any online casino which chooses to use software from WGS, playable either for free or for real money.