Calypso Coins Slots

Calypso-CoinsCalypso Coins is one of the slot machines created by Wager Gaming, a classic title that might not have much to offer feature wise, but manages to be a pleasant surprise thanks to its graphics. The exact theme isn’t quite clear, though you can guess that it’s related to the sun and to some kind of tribal or tropical motif. There are a couple of classics in there as well, but they look right for the design of this game.

This is a classic 3 reels slot machine, a title that has no features to offer directly and its prizes will reach a value of $25,000.

Features of Calypso Coins

The slot’s feature list is completely empty, the developers making sure that this is the kind of slot you want to play if you prefer your titles as simple as possible. While a lot of developers, Wager Gaming included, will at least place a wild inside, in this case we get nothing.

Betting options and jackpots

You are able to wager 1 to 3 coins in the game, enough to trigger a spin and activate the only payline offered inside. The denomination of the coin is between $0.01 and $10, so you may spend up to $30 for a single round.

The number of coins you use is important mostly when you win the top jackpot, where a 1 or 2 coin wager gets you 500 coins for each one you use. However, the use of three coins gets that prize to 833 coins for each one used, so there is a very big difference. The most you can take home is the equivalent of 2,500 coins, or $25,000.

Design and symbols

The design is mostly fire related, the sun being the most important symbol in the game. The background image is an abstract look at the sun, with orange, yellow and red lines that form a pattern that does seem like it’s taken directly from a star’s hot surface. The symbols are basic, but look pleasant enough, both the themed and the classic icons being described that way. You get a paytable on the right, the logo in the left bottom half, while the reels take the upper part of the left side.

Symbols: Sun (2,500 coins), Green 7 (240 coins), Three Bars (90 coins), Two Bars (60 coins), One Bar (30 coins) and Tribal Drums (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an enjoyable title, but it doesn’t really stand out in any way. Even the theme, while pleasant it doesn’t really keep you playing by itself.

This Calypso Coins slot is offered by all online casinos with Wager Gaming software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.