Cash Grab Slots

Cash-GrabCash Grab is one of the classic titles in Wager Gaming’s collection, a game with few reels but with more action than the average such slot machine will offer you. You might have to wager all the coins in order to get to the features, but I’d say it’s worth doing. The theme is not that special, being simply about classic symbols plus a logo symbol that offers the biggest prizes, but it manages to make the slot look at least decent and way above average for this category.

While it’s a classic slot, proven by its use of 3 reels and 1 line, Cash Grab is also full of modern features, offering bonus games, wilds and multipliers. Its biggest payout is at $24,000.

Features of Cash Grab

The game’s feature are not that extraordinary, a lot of games have used them before, but the part that is unusual is the way they can get activated. You only get access to the special features when you select all three coins with your wagers, so 1 and 2 coin bets don’t give you the wilds, multipliers and bonus games that the maximum bet will bring along.

The Cash Grab Logo gets the honor of acting as the wild symbol, and besides that it’s also the only one that offers more money when you use 3 coins, than it does with 2 coins. All the other symbols offer the same amount of money for prizes obtained with 2 or 3 coins, the features being the ones that make the difference otherwise. If you do use three coins, the Game Logo is used as a wild as well and it will contribute to the creation of new combinations. At the same time, it will contribute with a 2x multiplier when one wild is present in a combo, or 4x when there are two wilds.

Get a Bonus symbol, which is useful only when 3 coins are selected, and you get the bonus game to start up. A single symbol is sufficient for that to happen. You make some picks from the sacks displayed on the screen, and you get instant prizes from them.

Betting options and jackpots

In typical 3 reel slot fashion, you get to use 1 to 3 coins and cover with them a single payline. You get a very classic slot machine when up to 2 coins are selected, but the use of 3 coins gets you all kinds of features as well, and the game transforms as a result. Each coin gets a maximum value of $10, meaning that the bets reach $30 total.

The maximum number of coins you use in this game is three, and they can bring you payouts of up to 2,400 coins ($24,000).

Design and symbols

The design of Cash Grab takes the form of a regular classic slot machine, which has the handle that you can pull on to get it started, the betting options at the bottom, the reels in the middle and the paytable at the top. You can also see the slots placed in its vicinity, to the right and left. The symbols are almost all classics, with the game logo being the only one different in that regard. It’s a good looking title, more so than many other slots with 3 reels.

Symbols: Game Logo (2,400 coins, wild), Bonus (bonus), Red Seven (160 coins), Three Bar (80 coins), Two Bar (50 coins), One Bar (20 coins) and Cherries (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an unusual slot machine, mostly because of the way the features are introduced and activated, but that’s exactly what makes it a great choice. It’s not the kind of game you’re probably already bored with.

The Cash Grab slot machine is offered through the Wager Gaming platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.