Cavalier Point Slots

Cavalier-PointCavalier Point is a pirate themed title, a Wager Gaming slot machine that is a classic, with the lack of features being a defining point for it, as are the reels or the number of lines. The pirate theme is very well handled here, though the costume worn by the captain makes him look more like an officer in the English navy. For a classic slot I’m sure you will find this game to be as attractive as I did, with the pirate ship’s deck being presented behind the game area.

Only 1 line is available on the 3 reels of Cavalier Point. The game also comes with no features, like many other classic slots tend to do, but at least it offers a $15,000 jackpot.

Features of Cavalier Point

When it comes to features, there are two kinds of games. Some of them have one or two features, usually wilds or some basic bonus games, enough to bring a bit of excitement to the reels of the slot. The others are completely devoid of any features, relying on their simple charms to keep players interested. Cavalier Point would be in the latter category, offering no features.

Betting options and jackpots

1 to 3 coins may be selected for bets placed on the slot’s only payline. It’s a very good idea to select all the coins you have at your disposal, as the top jackpot gets a lot better with each additional coin. It makes no difference for the smaller prizes though. The coins have denominations in the range of $0.01 to $10, so wagers will go up to $30.

The biggest prize offered inside is at 1,500 coins, won when 3 coins are selected in the bet. The value is up to $15,000. The smaller jackpots are 800 coins for 2 coins used, or 300 coins for 1 coin.

Design and symbols

As I’ve said, the design is themed around the pirate life, using all sorts of symbols that are often chosen for this topic, like skulls with crossbones, swords, ship’s wheels or parrots. There is just the right amount of red, yellow and white used in this game to make it look like a classy choice, words I don’t use that often when it comes to pirate themed slots, or classic titles for that matter.

Symbols: Game Logo (1,500 coins), Ship’s Wheel (150 coins), Green 7 (90 coins), Skull & Crossbones (60 coins), Swords (60 coins), Parrot (30 coins), Double Bar (30 coins), Single Bar (15 coins) and Cherries (15 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a simple game, but it has adequate prizes and a pleasant design with a pirate theme that few will be able to resist. One thing to keep in mind though, always use all three coins when you place your bets.

You will find Cavalier Point at any online casino which chooses to use software from Wager Gaming, playable either for free or for real money.