Cherry Blossoms Slots

Cherry-BlossomsCherry Blossoms is your typical Japanese themed slot machine, offered by Wager Gaming in this case. The cherry blossom is a popular sight for visitors and inhabitants of Japan, and it’s a great reason for a lot of people to actually come to this country just to see them when they appear. It’s a good choice for a slot machine’s theme and I’ve seen it used a number of times before, either on its own or as part of a Japanese themed game.

The 5 reels you will get from Cherry Blossoms are populated with a maximum of 25 lines. Among the symbols with special features you get the wild and the scatter, with their appearance signaling the start of free spins which have multipliers. A $125,000 top jackpot is the generous offer that the slot has in store for you.

Features of Cherry Blossoms

There are wild symbols in Cherry Blossoms, along with scatter symbols, their free spins and multipliers which are used on multiple occasions.

The Geisha is a common choice for a symbol and it’s often used for an important feature, just like it happens in this game. Here, this symbol is used as the wild. This type of symbol has the ability to substitute for another, behaving like it, even though it still looks like its original self on the reels. Not only that, but it is also capable of doubling the prizes of the combinations that the wild was a part of, its 2x multiplier applying in each case. The wild also creates its own combinations, of two to five Geishas, which have to appear on a regular line and from the left. The multiplier obviously doesn’t apply to the wild’s own combinations, but you get the slot’s biggest prizes anyway with its help (up to 12,500 coins).


The star of the show remains the Cherry Blossom though, the symbol that is used here in order to trigger the free spins and at the same time to offer some very good prizes. You can get paid with its help when a minimum of two Cherry Blossoms are present on the reels, even in random locations on different lines. The biggest prize it offers is at 200x the bet, offered for five scatter symbols.

Free Games Feature

The free spins are a big part of any game, a feature that is going to be useful since it doesn’t cost you anything, plus they all come with 3x multipliers, so you earn three times as much. You get 15 spins when there are three Cherry Blossoms present, 20 when there are four and 25 for five present. With the same requirement in place, you can retrigger this feature while the free spins are running.

Betting options and jackpots

You will discover a typical betting system in Cherry Blossoms, where the 25 lines accept a maximum of 25 coins when the wagers are formed. A single coin is selected for each line, so you get as many chances to win something as the number of coins you risk. The coins have their own values, reaching $10 at their highest. The maximum bet is $250.

The slot’s biggest prize is above average for any kind of slot machine, as it offers you 12,500 coins in exchange for a single one used per line. With the largest denomination selected, the cash prize is $125,000.

Design and symbols

I’m not a huge fan of the drawing and design style that was chosen for Cherry Blossoms, since it doesn’t really make it as beautiful as it would be in real life. A park filled with trees that have lots of small pink flowers in them would be a great experience if you saw it for real, but in this game it doesn’t quite manage to get to that level, not even close actually. There are cherry trees with the pink blossoms in them, and on the reels you have the combination of playing cards and Japanese themed objects or people, and that’s about it.

Symbols: Geisha (wild, 12,500 coins), Cherry Blossom (scatter, 200x the wager), Castle (2,500 coins), Paper Lantern (500 coins), Hand Fan (500 coins), Bell (300 coins), Ace/King (200 coins), Queen/Jack (150 coins) and 10/9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an interesting slot machine, with a theme that is a good choice, despite the poor implementation. It’s the top jackpot that makes it truly worth trying though, along with the features available inside.

Cherry Blossoms can be found at any Wager Gaming casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.