Coral Reef Slots

Coral-ReefWhile playing Coral Reef, you’re going to get from it a classic experience thanks to its layout and the lack of features, but when it comes to the design it actually looks very nice. The theme is quite obvious as soon as you read the title, being related to the ocean’s coral formations and the various creatures that might live there. There are some classic icons in the game as well, but at least some of them are slightly modified to fit the theme of this game. The developer behind this game is called WGS.

Coral Reef presents you with the usual 3 reels of the classic slot machine, and with 1 payline on them. The game pays up to $20,000, but offers no features on its reels.

Features of Coral Reef

You will not be offered regular features in Coral Reef. The slot stays true to its classic influence, so you will discover the three reels and the one payline, but that’s about it. There is a bit of a difference between what symbols can offer you, based on the number of coins that you’re using.

First of all, you get four coins that can be used each round. Those coins normally offer you a certain return on your investment, and it’s true for three of the symbols. The other two symbols will pay differently. The combo of three 7s will pay 100 coins for one coin used, and 1,000 coins for three coins. The three game logos will pay 400 coins when two coins are used, or 2,000 coins when all four are part of the bet.

Betting options and jackpots

The way so many 3 reel slots do, Coral Reef also allows you to use more coins than there are paylines to bet on. A single payline can be active each round, and up to four coins may be wagered on it. Their values start at the minimum of $0.01, and can go as high as $10. The maximum bet is valued at $40.

The best prize, of 2,000 coins, can be won in one of two ways. You can get it either with help from the Coral Reef Logo, or with the Squid icon forming its own combination. The maximum value of such a prize would be $20,000.

Design and symbols

The action of Coral Reef takes place below the surface of the ocean, in the middle of a beautiful coral formation. You can see it in the background image, as much of it as the various other things on the screen allow you to view. There are logos with fish and coral in it, there are the reels and the paytable information. The symbols are mixed, some classic 7s or Bar icons, others with squid or shells of different colors.

Symbols: Coral Reef Logo (2,000 coins), Squid (2,000 coins), Red 7 (1,000 coins), Two Bar (800 coins) and One Bar (400 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The underwater theme is often a good choice because it can look so pretty, but I’m not a fan of titles which have no features, so I find it hard to truly enjoy it since it’s repetitive.

Coral Reef can be found at any WGS casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.